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The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams

The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams Dates : 1977 - 1978
39 episodes of 60 min
First broadcasting : 29 avril 1979
Creator(s) : Charles E. Sellier Jr.
Producer(s) : Sunn Classic Pictures
Music : Bob Summers
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Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty) is a carpenter who, during the gold rush period in California, flees in the mountains because he is falsely accused of murder. While he tries to survive his new environment, he devoted an orphan grizzly grizzly baby and adopts it. The bear, despite its enormous size in adulthood, becomes the best friend of Grizzly Adams.

Adams demonstrates an amazing ease to establish contact with different wild animals that populate the surrounding forest, which do not fear it. In return, he swore not to hurt any animals, if possible.

In TV series, Adams has two human companions, a former prospector (Denver Pyle accompanied by a mule named number new, as well as a Native Nakoma (Don Shanks). Together, they help different people while protecting animals.

A film for television, entitled The Capture of Grizzly Adams and broadcast in 1982, completed the TV series. A premium hunter uses Grizzly Adams' girl to attract her outside the woods and capture him. In the end, Adams proves his innocence.

Grizzly Adams was an American television series broadcast between 1977 and 1978. She followed the adventures of James "Grizzly" Adams, a lonely man who had fled society after being unjustly accused of murder. Adams settled in the mountains and became friends with a bear named Benjamin. The series highlighted the strong link that developed between Adams and Benjamin, and how they helped the other characters solve their problems.

Grizzly Adams was created by Charles E. Sellier Jr. and was based on a film of the same name released in 1974. The actor Dan Haggerty interpreted the main role of Grizzly Adams, with Don Shanks in the role of Benjamin l'Ours. The series was a commercial success and was broadcast in many countries. She also inspired a spin-off in 1979 entitled The Legend of Grizzly Adams.

In addition to following the adventures of Grizzly Adams and Benjamin, the series also tackled themes such as wild life, the conservation of nature, and the search for inner peace. It highlighted the relationships between man and nature, and how these two elements could coexist in harmony.

Although Grizzly Adams was arrested after only two seasons, she left a lasting heritage in popular culture and remains popular with early fans.

The Actors

Dan Haggerty - Grizzly Adams

Dan Haggerty

(Grizzly Adams)

Dan Haggerty - adams

Dan Haggerty



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