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The Magician

The Magician Dates : 1973 - 1974
22 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 27 juillet 1975
Creator(s) : Jack Arnold
Producer(s) : Bill Bixby
Music :
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French Traduire


Locked in a South American prison for a crime he did not commit, Anthony Blake manages to escape from it in the company of an old man with whom he became friends. The latter, when he died, bequeathed a fortune estimated at several hundred million dollars. Thus, Blake has the necessary means to transform into a vigilante of modern times and to come to the aid of people victims of injustices just as he was in the past.

The magician (The Magician) was an American television series broadcast in 1975-1976. She featured Anthony Blake, a professional magician who used his conjurer talents to resolve crimes and help the police. The series was inspired by the novel by Gérard de Villiers "S.A.S. in New York".

The magician was interpreted by the English actor Bill Bixby, known for his roles in the television series The Incredible Hulk and My Favorite Martian. Bixby played the role of Anthony Blake, a professional magician with exceptional intelligence and a very acute sense of observation. With the help of her assistant, Cordelia, played by actress Serena, Blake used her conjurer talents to help the police resolve crimes and unmask criminals.

The series was produced by Universal Television and was broadcast on the NBC network. It was created by Stephen Kandel, who also wrote many episodes of the series. The magician was broadcast for a single season of 23 episodes before being canceled in 1976. Although it was a commercial failure, the series was well received by criticism and is considered an influence on modern television series who stage characters with extraordinary talents.

The Actors

Bill Bixby - Anthony Blake

Bill Bixby

(Anthony Blake)


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Bill Bixby even made the magic tricks


Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California, USA (The Magic Castle, interior scenes)

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