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The Man from Atlantis

The Man from Atlantis Dates : 1977 - 1978
17 episodes of 52 min
First broadcasting : 29 Janvier 1979
Creator(s) : Herbert Solow
Producer(s) : Herbert Solow
Music : Fred Karlin
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French Traduire


After a strong storm at sea, a strange man is discovered unconscious on a beach in California and is urgently taken to the hospital. He has deep green eyes and webbed feet and hands ... His condition is deteriorating quickly, and Dr. Elizabeth Merrill discovers that he has golts in place of lungs, also decides to immerse it in water and save it in extremis.

The navy sees here a formidable subject of experiments while Dr Merrill takes on affection for this last survivor of Atlantean civilization. Under the nickname of Mark Harris, he learned to live among humans and even manages to negotiate his freedom in exchange for a mission.

In water, Mark Harris develops a Herculean force which allows him to spin faster than a dolphin but he can only survive 12 hours in the open air. His very sensitive view requires that he has tinted glasses in broad daylight.

Alongside the Dr. Merrill team, at the Oceanographic Research Center, he will live fascinating adventures and fight the diabolical plans of Dr. Schubert whose objective is to destroy the human race and recreate the world according to his principles. .

A beautiful series of adventures with an ecological vocation!

The Atlantis Man (The Man From Atlantis) was an American television series broadcast for the first time in 1977. She lasted a season and included four episodes. The series featured Patrick Duffy in the role of Mark Harris, a human being who was found floating in the ocean after being presumed dead. Harris is one of the last survivors of Atlantis, a legendary underwater city. He has superhuman powers such as the ability to breathe underwater and communicate with dolphins.

In the series, Harris works for the Nautilus Foundation, a secret organization that studies marine life and protects the oceans. He uses his powers to solve puzzles and fight underwater threats, such as dangerous creatures and conspiracies to destroy the oceans. Harris is supported by C. W. Crawford, an eccentric scientist who heads the Nautilus Foundation, as well as by a team of sea professionals.

The series was a mixture of science fiction and adventure, with elements of comedy and fantasy. Although the series was a commercial failure, it was greeted by criticism for its captivating intrigue and its impressive special effects for the time. The man of Atlantis is considered a classic cult among science fiction fans.

The Actors

Patrick Duffy - Mark Harris

Patrick Duffy

(Mark Harris)

Victor Buono - Docteur Shubert

Victor Buono

(Docteur Shubert)

Belinda Montgomery - Docteur Elizabeth Merrill

Belinda Montgomery

(Docteur Elizabeth Merrill)

Alan Fudge - C.W. Crawford

Alan Fudge

(C.W. Crawford)


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First American television series purchased by the Peoples's Republic of China.

Patrick Duffy didn't own a swimsuit when he auditioned for the show; he had to audition in his one unripped pair of Fruit of the Loom briefs.


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