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THE MASTER Dates : 1984 - 1984
13 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting :
Creator(s) : Michael Sloan,Chris Bunch,Allison Hock
Producer(s) : Joe Boston,Judith pritchard
Music : Bill Conti,Les hooper
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Learning that he has a daughter John Peter Mallister Master in Martial Arts decides to leave his brotherhood to find this one.

He therefore returns America, but considered a betrayal within the Brotherhood of the Ninjas, he is chased by the formidable Okasa.

On his way, he crosses a man named Max Keller a little daredevil but who will ultimately should be and will become his disciple

The man in Katana (The Master) was an American TV series which was broadcast for the first time in 1984. The series was centered on a main character named Lee, played by Lee Van Cleef, who was an expert in martial arts and wore a katana, a traditional Japanese sword. Lee was traveling through the United States using his martial arts skills to help those who needed it.

The series featured impressive martial arts fights and intense action scenes, which earned it a large number of fans. The man in Katana (The Master) was also noticed for his quality special effects for the time, as well as for his first -rate cast, which also included Timothy Van Patten in the role of Max, a young apprentice from Lee .

Despite his success with fans of martial arts and action, the man in Katana (The Master) was only broadcast for a single season of 22 episodes before being canceled. The series has since gained a certain notoriety as a classic cult of the 80s, and its fans continue to look at it and appreciate it for years later.


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