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The Name of the Game

The Name of the Game Dates : 1968 - 1971
76 episodes of 90 min
First broadcasting : 4 juillet 1970
Creator(s) : Leslie Stevens
Producer(s) : Leslie Stevens et Dean Hargrove
Music : Dave Grusin
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This series features the surveys, around the world, of three reporters of the Magazine Crime. Each episode features in turn Gene Barry (Glenn Howard), Robert Stack (Dan Farrell) and Tony Franciosa (Jeff Dillon) 3 stars on the small screen.

The rules of the game (The Name of the Game) is an American television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1968. The series follows the professional and personal adventures of three journalists working for a fictitious magazine called "The American". Each of the journalists has their own style and its own investigation methods, which creates tensions and rivalries within the team.

The series was created by Roy Huggins and was broadcast for three seasons. She was rewarded with numerous prizes, including an Emmy Award for the best artistic direction in 1969. The credits of the series became very popular thanks to her lively music and her images of spinning newspapers.

The rules of the game features a casting of stars, notably Gene Barry, Tony Franciosa and Robert Stack. Each actors embodies a different journalist, with Barry in the role of Glenn Howard, an experienced investigative journalist; Franciosa in the role of Jeff Dillon, a reporter specializing in sensitive subjects; And Stack in the role of Dan Farrell, a sports reporter.

Despite its initial success, the rules of the game was canceled in 1971 due to drops in audience and production conflicts. However, the series remains popular with classic television fans and continues to be broadcast in syndication.


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