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The Professionals

The Professionals Dates : 1977 - 1983
57 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 18 février 1989
Creator(s) : Brian Clemens
Producer(s) : Albert Fennell et Brian Clemens
Music : Laurie Johnson
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French Traduire


Terrorism and organized crime are gaining more and more ground in London, the police force exceeded by this phenomenon are stuck in the "Retry": ineffective bureaucracy, poor coordination and inter-departments. These elements not only allow criminals to escape justice, but also to commit their crimes with impunity. The 1st British secretary then requests solutions from the various heads of the departments of the police services. A man, George Cowley, offers a radical and innovative solution: the creation of an underground elite squadron, amalgamated in the army and who will help agencies effectively in the fight of crime. Cowley warns that this unit will be brought to intervene quickly, and that in certain circumstances, all the methods to achieve their ends will be used, even the most devious. The CI5 (Criminal Intelligence) is therefore created and two men in addition to Cowley: Doyle and Bodie form this elite squadron.

Professionals (The Professionals) was an American Action Adventure TV series which was broadcast between 1977 and 1981. The series featured actor Martin Landau in the role of Rollin Hand, a versatile actor and specialist in disguise, And actor Barry Van Dyke in the role of Derek Flint, a very competent secret agent.

The series took place in a distant future and followed the adventures of section 6, a team of secret agents responsible for carrying out dangerous missions to save the world. Section 6 was led by Commander Craig Stirling (played by actor William Sylvester) and also included actress Liza Goddard in the role of Gambit, a advanced technology expert.

The professionals were very popular during its broadcast on television, especially in Europe, and won numerous prizes for its writing quality and its realization. The series was also adapted to a film for cinema in 1979, entitled "The Final Option".

In addition to its elements of action and adventure, professionals also had a high dose of humor and romance, which made it possible to create a perfect balance between the different elements of the plot. The series was also praised for its special quality special effects for the time, as well as for the performance of its main actors.

In summary, professionals was an American television series of popular action-adventure and well received by critics, which was broadcast for four seasons between 1977 and 1981. The series followed the adventures of a team of secret agents charged with Carrying out dangerous missions to save the world, and included elements of action, adventure, humor and romance.

The Actors

Gordon Jackson - George Cawley

Gordon Jackson

(George Cawley)


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It is Laurie Johnson who signs the music of this series after the one composed for "Melon hat and leather boots".


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