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The Young Riders

The Young Riders Dates : 1989 - 1992
68 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 15 Avril 1992
Creator(s) : Ed Spielman
Producer(s) : Josh Kane, Michael Ogiens & Jonas McCord
Music : John Debney
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This series tells us romanticizing the history of Pony Express, these riders who sent the mail through the United States around 1860.

The equipped of the Pony Express (The Young Riders) was an American television series broadcast between 1989 and 1992. The series took place in the American West of the 1860s and followed the adventures of young messengers of the Pony Express, a mail company that The mission was to deliver letters and packages through the vast expanses of the West West.

The main characters in the series were the "Young Riders", a group of intrepid and courageous messengers who traveled thousands of kilometers on horseback to transport the mail. They had to face all the dangers of life in the Wild West, including bandit attacks, snowstorms and confrontations with Indian tribes.

The show featured a young and talented distribution, including Stephen Baldwin, Josh Brolin, Ty Miller and Don Franklin. The series was very popular at the time of its broadcast, and it won several prices for its production quality and historical realism.

Despite its success, the Pony Express equipped was not renewed for a fourth season, and the series ended in 1992 after only three seasons. However, it remains a cult work for fans of the American West and lovers of television series of the time.

The Actors

Ty Miller - Le Kid

Ty Miller

(Le Kid)

Stephen Baldwin - William F. Cody

Stephen Baldwin

(William F. Cody)

Josh Brolin - James Butler Hickok

Josh Brolin

(James Butler Hickok)

Travis Fine - Ike McSwain

Travis Fine

(Ike McSwain)

Gregg Rainwater - Buck Cross

Gregg Rainwater

(Buck Cross)

Anthony Zerbe - Teaspoon Hunter

Anthony Zerbe

(Teaspoon Hunter)

Yvonne Suhor - Louise McCloud

Yvonne Suhor

(Louise McCloud)

Don Franklin - Noah Dixon

Don Franklin

(Noah Dixon)


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Filming locations:

  • Arizona, USA
  • Mescal, Arizona, USA
  • Old Tucson - 201 S. Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona, USA

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