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Thunder in Paradise

Thunder in Paradise Dates : 1994 - 1994
22 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 1994
Creator(s) : Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz et Gregory J. Bonann
Producer(s) : David W.Hagar, Kevin L.Beggs, Gregory J.Bonann, Paul Cajero
Music : Corys Lerios, Pamela Phillips Oland, Jimmy Hart, John Maguire
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Randolph Spencer and Martin Brubaker are two former soldiers. On board thunder, a boat full of gagdets that can reach an incredible speed, they help those who need it, restoring justice wherever it is flouted ...

Thunder in Paradise is an American television series from 1994 featuring Hulk Hogan featured as the main actor. The series follows the adventures of two brothers, Brock and T.J. Thunder, who are professional secret agents and owners of a sophisticated boat called "Thunder in Paradise". The boat is equipped with advanced technology, which allows them to carry out dangerous missions in the Caribbean and face criminals and terrorists.

The series was created by the legend of the professional struggle Hulk Hogan and the writer and producer Barry Rosen. It was broadcast on the American television channel for a season of 22 episodes. Although the series was not a great success, it was appreciated for its spectacular action scenes and its impressive special effects for the time.

In addition to Hulk Hogan, other famous actors have appeared in the series, notably Gary Busey, Tim Thomerson, Carlos Palomino and Richard Herd. The series has also been broadcast in several countries around the world, including in Spain, Germany and Italy.

Although Thunder in Paradise has not been broadcast on television for many years, it remains popular with early fans and is often broadcast in rehearsal on cable television channels.


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