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Tour of Duty

Tour of Duty Dates : 1987 - 1990
58 episodes of 52 min
First broadcasting : 16 Octobre 1988
Creator(s) : L. Travis Clark & Steve Duncan
Producer(s) : Zev Braun
Music : Joseph Conlan
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In 1967 in Vietnam, 400,000 American soldiers engaged in an interminable conflict that will get bogged down until March 1973. 7 years of war and atrocities during which a massive use of weapons of destruction touched the more civilian population that enemy fighters ...

The television series retraces the daily fate of a group of young recruits assigned to the 2nd section of the Bravo company of the 23rd infantry division, during the 12-month period that American soldiers must do in Vietnam ...

Sergeant Zeke Anderson is a veteran and his different approach to the command often creates tensions with his direct superior, Lieutenant Goldman, fresh out of the military academy.

In addition to the sergeant and the lieutenant, this section is made up of elements to say the least heterogeneous: Horn, a pacifist (?) From Chicago, Percell, a young volunteer from Iowa, Ruiz, a Puerto Rican from the Bronx, Baker, a surfer Californian, Johnson and Taylor, two black veterans of the unit, Doc Matsuda, the nurse, and Captain Wallace, commander of the company Bravo.

For the sake of realism and unlike the other series where the gentiles always get out of it, even in desperate cases, Wallace and Matsuda will be killed in combat while Horn, seriously injured, will be repatriated to the United States.

Later, the section of Lieutenant Goldman was assigned to the air base of Tan Son Nhut, very close to Saigon. New protagonists join the section: Alex Devlin, a journalist who covers war for a news agency, Doctor Jennifer Seymour, a psychologist who helps soldiers overcome their emotional problems and Lieutenant Johnny McKay, a helicopter pilot who Carries the members of the second section to the scene of the fight.

Coming to do their duty to defend their homeland and their South Vietnamese allies of communist aggression, the days spent patrolling in the jungle and the unnecessary deaths of their comrades will bring these young combatants to ask questions about the need for a such a war and their presence far from the United States ...

The hell of duty (in English Tour of Duty) was an American television series broadcast between 1987 and 1990. The series told the adventures of a group of American soldiers engaged in the Vietnam War. The show followed the soldiers in combat and camp, and explored the different aspects of their military life, as well as the relations they had with their family and friends in hinterland.

Hell of duty was one of the first television programs to explore in a realistic and emotional way the effects of the Vietnam War on soldiers and their family. The series was known for its realistic staging of fighting and war scenes, as well as for the way it tackled sensitive subjects such as war trauma, drugs and racial discrimination.

The series was produced by Zev Braun and broadcast on the CBS channel. It was created by Steve Duncan and L. Travis Clark, and was produced by Lee H. Katzin. The show was acclaimed by criticism and won numerous awards, including two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.

The hell of duty was interpreted by a talented casting, made up of actors such as Terence Knox, Stephen Caffrey, Joshua Maurer, Miguel A. NĂșñez Jr., Tony Becker and Eric Bruskotter. The series was a commercial success, and has been broadcast in many countries around the world. Although the series ended in 1990, it left a lasting heritage and continues to be watched and appreciated by television fans around the world.

The Actors

Terence Knox - Sergent Zeke Anderson

Terence Knox

(Sergent Zeke Anderson)

Stephen Caffrey - Lieutenant Myron Goldman

Stephen Caffrey

(Lieutenant Myron Goldman)

Tony Becker - Soldat Daniel 'Danny' Percell

Tony Becker

(Soldat Daniel 'Danny' Percell)

Ramon Franco - Soldat Alberto Ruiz

Ramon Franco

(Soldat Alberto Ruiz)

Miguel A. Nunez Jr. - Soldat Marcus Taylor

Miguel A. Nunez Jr.

(Soldat Marcus Taylor)


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The sung credits is the title "Paint It Black" of the Rolling Stone.


Filming locations:

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