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Vega$ Dates : 1978 - 1981
68 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 13 Septembre 1981
Creator(s) : Michael Mann
Producer(s) : Michael Mann
Music : John Beal et Artie Kane
Web surfers's rate : 8.5/10 for 13 rates - Rate

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Dan Tanna is a private investigator in the gambling town of Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas can be seedy or glamorous, depending upon the point of view. This show is also notable for perhaps the only known portrayal of a house with a "drive-in" living room.

The Actors

Greg Morris - Lieutnant Dave Nelson

Greg Morris

(Lieutnant Dave Nelson)

Robert Urich - Dan Tanna

Robert Urich

(Dan Tanna)


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Just before this show premiered, Robert Urich briefly appeared as Dan Tanna at the end of an episode of "Charlie's Angels" (1976) entitled "Angels in Vegas". Supposedly Dan was a friend of Charlie and Bosley.

Dan's pet name for Phillip Roth was "Slick".


Filming locations:

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


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