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Werewolf Dates : 1987 - 1988
29 episodes of 25 min
First broadcasting : 12 Mai 1988
Creator(s) : Frank Lupo
Producer(s) : Frank Lupo & John Ashley
Music : Sylvester LeVay
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French Traduire


Ted, Eric Cord's best friend, gives Eric a pistol with Argents balls and admits that he is a werewolf. He had been bitten when he worked on the boat of Captain Janos Skorzeny. He explains to him that a pentagram appears on the palm of his hand before the transformation. The only way to finish the curse is to kill the original werewolf. Eric attaches Ted but he transforms and bites Eric, who is forced to kill him. Accused of the murder of Ted, Eric escapes before the trial and begins to seek the werewolf who bites Ted, who turns out to be Skorzeny. But Eric is hunted down by Joseph "Alamo Joe" Rogan, a premium hunter who during his hunt had seen Eric this transformed into a werewolf and now uses argtent balls. Then begins a long hunt between Eric, Skorzeny and Rogan ...

The curse of the wolf Garou (original title: Werewolf) is an American television series in 46 episodes of 43 minutes created by Frank Lupo and broadcast between March 13, 1987 and August 22, 1988 on CBS. The series features the story of a Lycanthrope named Eric Cord, a serial killer condemned to death who is transformed into a werewolf by a crazy scientist. Dr. Morgan, an expert in lycanthropy, decides to help him master his transformation so that he can use his powers to fight evil.

The series was acclaimed by criticism for its original intrigue and its special effects for the time. She was also greeted for her realistic interpretation of the werewolves, although some have criticized the quality of the special effects. The curse of the wolf Garou won two Emmy Awards, one for the best make -up and the other for the best special effects.

The main character, Eric Cord, is interpreted by actor John J. York. Dr. Morgan is played by Chuck Connors, who was known for his role in the television series The Rifleman. The series also includes a number of guest stars, including Marcia Strassman, Meg Foster, Anne-Marie Johnson, and Dick Butkus.

The curse of the wolf Garou was broadcast in France on TF1 under the title The curse of the werewolf, and was translated into several languages. The series has been broadcast in many countries, including in Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It was also broadcast in syndication in the United States.

Although the series has not been renewed for a second season, it has developed a strong fanbase over the years, and is considered a classic of fantastic television. Many fans of the series continue to follow the universe of the curse of the wolf through different media, such as books, video games and derivative products.

The Actors

Lance Legault - Joseph

Lance Legault

(Joseph "Alamo Joe" Rogan)

John J. York - Eric Cord

John J. York

(Eric Cord)

Chuck Connors - Janos Skorzeny

Chuck Connors

(Janos Skorzeny)

Brian Thompson - Nicholas Remy

Brian Thompson

(Nicholas Remy)


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The head werewolf was deliberately named "Janos Skorzeny" as a homage to the vampire in Night Stalker, The (1971) (TV).


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