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Werewolf Dates : 1987 - 1988
29 episodes of 25 min
First broadcasting : 12 Mai 1988
Creator(s) : Frank Lupo
Producer(s) : Frank Lupo & John Ashley
Music : Sylvester LeVay
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Young Eric has been bitten by a werewolf. However, he's not particularly thrilled by this turn of affairs and wishes to escape his curse. To do so, he must find and kill the founder of his particular werewolf clan. The series traces his efforts to (A) track down the founder; (B) keep from hurting innocent lives due to his lycanthropy; and (C) stay one step ahead of folks who wish to kill him due to his werewolf nature.

The Actors

Lance Legault - Joseph

Lance Legault

(Joseph "Alamo Joe" Rogan)

John J. York - Eric Cord

John J. York

(Eric Cord)

Chuck Connors - Janos Skorzeny

Chuck Connors

(Janos Skorzeny)

Brian Thompson - Nicholas Remy

Brian Thompson

(Nicholas Remy)


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The head werewolf was deliberately named "Janos Skorzeny" as a homage to the vampire in Night Stalker, The (1971) (TV).


Filming locations:


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