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Alexandra Paul

Stephanie Holden in Baywatch

Photos Alexandra Paul Birth name: Alexandra Paul
Birth date: 1963/07/29 (59 years old)
Birth place : New York
Height: 1.78 m

French Traduire

Biography for Alexandra Paul

Alexandra Paul was modeling when she decided to forego college at Stanford University and pursue acting. The star of over 60 feature films and television programs, she can also be seen in the award winning documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?

Internationally recognized for her 5-year starring role as "Lt. Stephanie Holden" in the hit series "Baywatch" (1989), Alexandra began her acting career in 1982, at age 18, starring in the highly rated telefilm Paper Dolls (1982) (TV). She then began starring in studio flicks like Stephen King's Christine; American Flyers opposite Kevin Costner; Eight Million Ways to Die opposite Jeff Bridges & Andy Garcia; Dragnet opposite Tom Hanks & Dan Ackroyd, and Spyhard with Leslie Nielsen.

Throughout the 1990s, Alexandra had regular roles in several television series: Baywatch, Fire Co 132, Daytona Beach (pilot), and the last 8 episodes on Melrose Place. She also filmed two movies in war torn Croatia with Pierce Brosnan and did many independent films.

Since 2000, Alexandra has starred in 10 movies appearing on Lifetime. She has also played a lesbian 4 times, opportunities she appreciates since her identical twin sister is gay. In 2006 she shot 6 films, including Borat, and although her part was edited out, she remains in the dvd extras. Alexandra hosted the extreme sports series Wild Waters on the Outdoor Life Network; for 4 years, at the same time hosting the WE network series Winning Women for two seasons. She continues to host the environmental cable access talk show Eart Talk Today.

Alexandra Paul is an American actress born on July 29, 1963 in New York.

Probably known especially for her role as Stephanie Holden in the Malibu Alert TV series from 1992 to 1997. She also appeared in more than 50 movies or television programs.

In addition to alert to Malibu, Alexandra is also known for roles in films like Christine (1983), American Flyers (1985), and the parody of Dragnet, Dragnet in (1987).

In addition to her acting activity, she takes care of television shows, including the Women's Entertainment Winning Women and the South Environment Show Earth Talk in South California. It is very committed to preserving the environment and is a vegetarian.

Alexandra has co-written and co-produced two documentaries: Jampacked, about the global overpopulation crisis, and The Cost of Cool: Finding Happiness in A Materialistical World. Jampacked was awarded a bronze medal and put in the first place of the Earthvision Environmental Film and Video Festival festival. The Cost of Cool was awarded a Cine Golden Eagle Award.

Alexandra Paul is an American actress known for her role in the television series "Baywatch" in the 1990s. She was born on July 29, 1963 in New York, New York, in the United States. She grew up in Connecticut and studied at the High School Staples, before continuing her studies at the University of South California where she graduated in theater.

After starting her career as a model, Alexandra Paul began working in television and cinematographic productions in the late 1980s. She notably played in the films "Christine" and "American Flyers", as well as in series TVs such as "Melrose Place" and "The Burning Zone".

Her most famous role remains that of Stephanie Holden in the series "Baywatch", in which she played for five seasons, from 1992 to 1997. This role earned her international recognition and allowed her to make herself known to the general public .

Since "Baywatch", Alexandra Paul has continued to work regularly in television and cinematographic productions. We can notably cite his roles in the films "Wedding witness" and "The Alliance of Fear", as well as in the series "Ally McBeal" and "CSI: Miami".

In addition to her acting career, Alexandra Paul is also an activist committed to animal rights and the environment. She is a member of several environmental protection associations and has notably participated in awareness campaigns against GMOs and pesticides.

In summary, Alexandra Paul is an American actress known for her role in the series "Baywatch" and for her commitment to the environment. She has a rich and diversified career in the world of cinema and television, and is recognized for her talent and beauty.


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Completed Ironman Triathlon race in Hawaii. [1997]

Has an identical twin sister, Caroline Paul, author and San Francisco firefighter. Excerpts from her autobiography, "Fighting Fire", were published in Reader's Digest and Curve magazines.

Founded the Population Education Project in 1991, a program educating youths about the human population crisis. (1986) Founded Young Artists United, an organization of young people in the entertainment industry who wanted to be positive role models for American kids.

At her September 2000 wedding to Ian Murray, the couple sent their invitations out on hemp, the bride's gown contained no silk, the food was meat-free, the couple made their own rings from panned-gold, and the guests were asked not to bring gifts to reduce consumption of natural resources. The bride and groom met 5 years earlier during a triathlon. Their honeymoon included an ocean swim and a Malibu triathlon the following day.

When she wed Ian Murray, her identical twin sister, Caroline Paul, and Ian's brother Chris, performed the ceremony.

In an interview about Christine (1983) (the film in which she starred), she mentioned that she has been a vegetarian since she was 14.

Recipient of the ACLU's 2005 Activist of the Year Award.

Attended prestigious Groton School, Groton, Massachusetts and graduated with honors.

Loves hiking and skiing.

Honoured by the United Nations Environmental Program in 1997 for her work on human population issues.

Recipient of Mikhail Gorbachev's Global Green Environmental Leadership Award in 1999.

Speaks fluent French and has been registering voters once a week for 18 years. She vigils against the Iraq war every week since 2002.

Alexandra is a permanent Canadian resident. She is able to work as a Canadian.



Spouse : Ian Murray (16 September 2000 - present)

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