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Angela Watson

Karen Foster in Step by Step

Photos Angela Watson Birth name: Angela Christine Watson
Birth date: 1975/11/12 (47 years old)
Birth place : Danville Illinois
Height: 1.63 m

French Traduire

Biography for Angela Watson

The youngest daughter of a corn and beans farmer, Angela Watson was born in Danville, Illinois, and raised in the nearby town of Oakwood, population 800. In 1985, the family moved to Cape Coral, Florida, where her parents entered her in beauty pageants. Angela won numerous national, state and local titles, including 60 crowns and 200 trophies. She also took modeling lessons and soon won Face Finders Model Search in Dallas, Texas, where she earned the title of Model of the Year. Angela and her parents, Barbara and Allen, decided to give show business a try for six months. The young lady met with such success in commercials that they sold their Florida home and moved to the Los Angeles area in 1989. Angelas work in commercials and local theater led to her first television role, a recurring character named Alice on the ABC series, "Davis Rules", with Jonathan Winters and Randy Quaid. Realizing a long-held aspiration, Angela is currently working on her debut album. When not before the cameras, Angela, who graduated from high school in Burbank, California, enjoys bicycling, roller skating, scuba diving, swimming, dancing, and educating others on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Angela is the daughter of Barbara and Allen Watson. She grew up in a village of 800 inhabitants in Illinois. In 1985, the whole family moved to Cape Coral in Florida. Angela is starting to take model lessons and wins the Dallas Finders Model Face Concour. In 1989, she moved to Los Angeles and obtained her first role in the TV series Davis Rules. In 1991, she won the role of Karen Foster in the our beautiful family series.


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Title Role
Final Approach (2006) Millie Smith
Step by Step Karen Foster (159 episodes, 1991-1998)
ABC Sneak Peek with Step by Step (1994) (TV) Karen Foster
Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man (1 episode, 1994)


Graduated from John Burroughs Senior High School Burbank, California

Created 'Child Actors Supporting Themselves' (CAST), a foundation to help child actors and athletes handle financial concerns, after her parents tried to spend all her earnings from Step by Step. [2000]


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