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David Soul

Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson in Starsky and Hutch

Photos David Soul Birth name: David Richard Solberg
Birth date: 1943/08/28 (79 years old)
Birth place : Chicago (Illinois, USA)
Height: 1.85 m

French Traduire

Biography for David Soul

Hugely popular television & recording star who achieved pop icon status as handsome, blond haired, blue eyed Detective Kenneth Hutchinson on the cult "buddy cop" TV series "Starsky and Hutch" (1975), Soul additionally had a very successful singing career recording several albums, with hits including "Silver Lady" & "Don't Give Up on Us Baby".

Born in Chicago, Illinois, David Soul is the son of a religious minister who was at one time serving as the Religious Affairs Advisor to the US High Commission in Berlin. At 24 years of age, young Soul joined a North Dakota musical revue, was noticed by a keen eyed talent scout, and then signed to a studio contract. He then went on to study acting with the Irene Daly School of The Actors Company, and with the Columbia Workshop in Hollywood. Soul then first appeared on TV in small roles in shows including "I Dream of Jeannie" (1965), "Flipper" (1964) and _"All In The Family" (1972)_ . Regular TV work kept coming in for Soul including making masked appearances on _Merv Griffin Show, The (1967)_ , as the popular singer known only as "The Covered Man"!!

In 1973, Soul had the fortune to be cast as one of the corrupt motorcycle cops in the Clint Eastwood thriller Magnum Force (1973), where his talents came to the attention of several TV execs who were looking for someone to play one of the lead roles in the upcoming "Starsky & Hutch" TV series. After four seasons, the show came to an end, yet Soul's talents were still in demand. He quickly went on to appear as the meek writer turned terrified vampire hunter, Ben Mears, in the chilling telemovie _Salem's Lot (1975) (TV)_ , and then as Jake in the interesting telemovie Homeward Bound (1980) (TV).

Several undemanding telemovies and TV series appearances followed for Soul; however, in 1988 he scored rave reviews for his portayal of real-life cold-blooded cop killer "Michael Lee Platt" in the telemovie _In the Line Of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders (1988) (TV)_ . The telemovie was also considered highly controversial for its intense level of violence in a made-for-TV production.

David Soul has continued to remain very busy throughout the 1990s and beyond, in both film and on stage productions. He has toured internationally in several theatre productions, including playing the Narrator in the critically acclaimed production of Willy Russell's Blood Brothers, and completed a successful UK tour performing in a production of Ira Levin's Deathtrap. Fans of the original TV series were glad to see Soul back with Paul Michael Glaser doing a cameo appearance in the big budget remake of Starsky & Hutch (2004).

Throughout his life, Soul has continually championed social causes often using his own funds to raise awareness on issues including the impact of the Vietnam War, the shutdowns in the US steel industry, plus speaking on animal welfare, world hunger and HIV education. Soul has now for several years made his home in the United Kingdom, where he has appeared at the Edinburgh Festival, and on several British TV shows......and US-born Soul has even become a keen soccer fan supporting English club Arsenal FC.


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Used to appear on the "Merv Griffin Show" wearing a hood and was billed as "The Covered Man" before becoming nationally known on "Starsky and Hutch."

His brother, the Rev. Solberg, was an activist minister (Lutheran). He has joined him on more than one occasion in public protest or rally. Also, he and Glaser have attended Christian/Jewish benefits together at least once.

Davids father, Dr. Richard Solberg, served as a Religious Affairs Advisor to the U.S. High Commission in Berlin and as Senior Representative for the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), refugee relief agency actively involved in the post WW II reconstruction in Germany. Dr. Solbergs job was to administrate reliefto the tens of thousands of refugees who were fleeing that regime and then try to put the fragmented families back together again in the West. These early experiences proved to be indelible ones for David as hundreds of these people streamed through the Solberg home.

Between 1977 and 1982, David recorded four albums including a string of major hits: Don't Give Up On Us, Baby, Silver Lady, Going In With My Eyes Open. He toured extensively and successfully with his band in the USA., Britain, Japan and South America.

Between 1984 and 1986, David financed, produced and directed an award winning documentary, The Fighting Ministers, uses the shut-down of the steel industry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as it's canvas.

In 1994 David has refocused his acting and producing efforts specifically to the burgeoning international film and television markets. He starred in two films for Canadian and French television, and starred (in French) with Annie Giradeau and Line Renaud in the television mini-series, The Lido for France's TF-1.

He played the role of Narrator in the New Zealand-born/Australian production of Willy Russell's Blood Brothers (a production which moved on to Melbourne and Sydney). The play marks David's return to the stage after a fifteen years absence and his first, even experience in a musical.

David is an avid skier and tennis player and loves to go "exploring" with his five sons and one daughter.

In Cannes 1996 David performed songs from his friend Charles Aznavour in the Martinez Hotel.

Fluent in both German and Spanish. Was romantically linked to Lynne Marta throughout the run of Starsky and Hutch, though they never married.

During the run of Starsky and Hutch (1975) , he recorded a #1 single called "Don't Give Up On Us Baby."

Became a United Kingdom citizen in September 2004.

Became a British citizen in 2004.

Romantically involved with actress/singer/composer Lynne Marta throughout the run of "Starsky & Hutch" but they split up after the show ended.


Spouse : Julia Nickson-Soul (1987 - 1993) (divorced) 1 child, Patty Sherman (1980 - 1986) (divorced) 3 children, Carlson Karen (1968 - 1977) (divorced) 1 child, Miriam Russeth-Solberg (1964 - 1965) (divorced) 1 child.

Children : with Mim - one son, with Karen - one son, with Patti - three sons and with Julia - one daughter.

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