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Jill Whelan

Vicki Stubing in Love Boat

Photos Jill Whelan Birth name: Jill Whelan
Birth date: 1966/09/29 (57 years old)
Birth place : Oakland (USA)

French Traduire

Biography for Jill Whelan

Jill Whelan is probably best known for her role in the late 70s and early 80s hit series, Love Boat as the illegitimate daughter of Capt. Stubin (played by Gavin McLeod, also of Mary Tyler Moore fame.), Vicki. After the show was canceled in 1986, she worked on an album called "Our Time" and has been focusing on her career as a singer. Since then, she married and has a family.

Young teenager during the shooting of the series, Jill Whelan quickly moved away from the studios, to lead a quiet life with her husband, a powerful businessman. From time to time, she appears on television. This is the case in Martin and the cruise has fun: the new wave.

Ed O'Neill is an American actor known for his role as Al Bundy in the TV series Married ... With Children (1987-1997), as well as for his role as Jay Pritchett in the Modern Family television series (2009-2020) . He was born on April 12, 1946 in Youngstown, Ohio, in the United States.

O'Neill began his acting career in the 1970s and worked in many theatrical, television and cinematographic productions. In addition to his roles in Married ... With Children and Modern Family, he also played in films such as Dutch (1991), Wayne's World (1992), Little Giants (1994) and The Bone Collector (1999).

Apart from his acting career, O'Neill is also known for his skills in martial arts. He has been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for many years and is a second dan black belt. He is also a member of the Gracie Academy, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school founded by the famous Gracie family.

Despite his success as an actor, O'Neill is known to be humble and reserved outside of work. He prefers to spend time with family and friends rather than partying in nightclubs and worldly events. He has been married since 1986 and has three children.


Photos Jill Whelan n_3 Photos Jill Whelan n_3 Photos Jill Whelan n_3


Title Role
La croisière s'amuse: TV Tales (2002 TV special) Elle-même
Sandman (1998) Ginger Ice
La croisière s'amuse: A Valentine Voyage (1990 TV movie) Vicki
Babies Having Babies (1986 TV movie) Mary Pat
Battle of the Network Stars XV (1983 TV documentary) Elle-même
Airplane! (1980) Lisa Davis
La croisière s'amuse (1977 TV series) Vicki Stubing (1979-1986)
Friends (1979 TV series) Nancy Wilks


Attended Smith School in Livermore California in the 6th grade.

She started out in an M+M comercial as one of the M+M gang kids.

Seen on informercials for Ron Popeil's RONCO Rotisserie -- i.e. "Set it and forget it!". [2002]


Spouse : Michael Chaykowsky (2 April 2004 - present), Brad St. John (31 December 1993 - ?) (divorced) 1 child

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