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Kevin Peter Hall

Elvin Lincoln in Misfits of Science

Photos Kevin Peter Hall Birth name: Kevin Peter Hall
Birth date: 1955/05/09
Date of death : 1991/04/10 (36 years old)
Birth place : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
Height: 2.19 m

French Traduire

Biography for Kevin Peter Hall

This Afro-American actor attended Penn Hills High School in Pittsburgh, PA. He started his junior year at 6' 5" and finished it at 6' 9"! He played basketball throughout his high school years, and won himself a scholarship. He averaged 18 points a game and 10 rebounds! He played basketball during college, but not when it would interfere with his major, Theatrical Arts at George Washington University in Washingotn DC. During his college years, he met Jay Fenichel with whom he would later make musical productions. Upon graduation, Fenichel moved to Los Angeles and Hall moved to Venezuela to play basketball. After a year, he lost interest and relocated to LA. Together, they put together two night club acts/musicals. One was a semi-autobiographical two-man musical, "In Five", and the other was a two-man show called "The Worst Of Friends", both of which played in night clubs throughout the LA area. They also had a promotional business where they did promotional acts in department stores for new products throughtout the LA area. While working on the set of the series "227" (1985), he met his co-star, _Alaina Reed Hall' who played Rose Lee Holloway. They married both on the set, and in real life, and they had two children. Predator 2 (1990) came out in December of 1990, and in April of 1991, he died of the AIDS virus which he contracted through a blood transfusion a few months before production began.


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Title Role
Highway to Hell (1992) Charon
Harry and the Hendersons (1991) TV Series Harry (1990-1991)
Predator 2 (1990) The Predator
227 (1985) TV Series Warren Merriwether (1989-1990)
Shannon's Deal (1989) (TV) Harry (one of the Card Players)
Rodney Dangerfield: Opening Night at Rodney's Place (1989) (TV) Richard Small
Big Top Pee-wee (1988) Big John
Predator (1987) The Predator/End Helicopter Pilot
Harry and the Hendersons (1987) Harry
Monster in the Closet (1987) Monster
Misfits of Science (1985) TV Series Dr. Elvin 'El' Lincoln
Misfits of Science (1985) (TV) Dr. Elvin 'El' Lincoln
The Wild Life (1984) Bouncer
One Dark Night (1983) Eddie
Mazes and Monsters (1982) (TV) Gorvil
Without Warning (1980) (as Kevin Hall) The Alien
Prophecy (1979) (uncredited) Mutant bear


He died in 1991 due to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. He went public with his illness with the full support of his wife.

This giant's face was rarely seen in his films, as he usually played monsters and semi-human creatures that required him to wear mounds of make-up, so few people know that he was a handsome and muscular man.

The character of the Predator in Predator (1987) went through many development stages, including one version that was set up for Jean-Claude Van Damme to play a martial-arts fighting Predator, and finally decided on the crab-like humanoid monster seen in the film. The producers realized much of their human cast were bodybuilders over 6 feet tall (and Van Damme was clearly smaller) and thus they cast the Shaq-sized Hall so that the Predator could believably beat up the humans.

Kevin Peter Hall can be seen in Predator 1 without costume. He is the helicopter pilot at the end of the film.


Spouse : Alaina Reed Hall (1989 - 10 April 1991) (his death) 2 children

He is the tallest of six brothers, all over 6' 5"

His father Charles Hall was 6' 6" and his mother Sylvia Hall was 6' 2"

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