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Misfits of Science

Misfits of Science Dates : 1985 - 1986
16 episodes of 46 min
First broadcasting : 30 Juillet 1987
Creator(s) : James D. Parriott
Producer(s) : Dean Zanetos
Music : Jeff Sturges
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French Traduire


Superhero series about a group of young mutants who worked for an American thinktank fighting crime. Elvin could shrink to a size of eight inches, Gloria possessed telekinetic powers, and Johnny B was able to fire lightning bolts from his hands. Their leader was Dr. Hayes.

The Actors

Max Wright - Richard

Max Wright

(Richard "Dick" Stetmeyer)

Courteney Cox - Gloria Dinallo

Courteney Cox

(Gloria Dinallo)

Dean Paul Martin - Billy Hayes

Dean Paul Martin

(Billy Hayes)

Kevin Peter Hall - Elvin Lincoln

Kevin Peter Hall

(Elvin Lincoln)

Mark Thomas Miller - Johnny Bukowski

Mark Thomas Miller

(Johnny Bukowski)

Jennifer Holmes - Jane Miller

Jennifer Holmes

(Jane Miller)


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The group drive around in a "Fundae Sundae" ice cream truck because they needed it to haul "The Ice Man" in the pilot episode. The character was dropped, but they kept the truck.


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