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Noah Beery Jr

Joseph 'Rocky' Rockford in The Rockford Files

Photos Noah Beery Jr Birth name: Noah Lindsey Beery
Birth date: 1913/08/10
Date of death : 1994/11/01 (81 years old)
Birth place : New-York

French Traduire

Biography for Noah Beery Jr

Familiar and well-liked character actor of very different persona than either his father, Noah Beery, or his uncle, Wallace Beery. He attended Harvard Military Academy but managed to make a number of appearances on film and on stage with his father before adulthood. At age 19, he began playing amiable second leads and occasional leading roles, primarily in westerns, before settling into what would be the pattern for much of his career: good-natured supporting roles, usually as a pal of the hero. He kept going in such parts into his late 70s, transforming slowly into warm (or, rarely, curmudgeonly) rustic sages. In later years, he achieved great renown as the father of the James Garner character on TV's "The Rockford Files" (1974). He married the daughter of cowboy star Buck Jones. Their son Bucklind Beery is an actor. They also had two daughters, Muffett and Melissa. Beery died in 1994 at the age of 81.

Son of the couple of actors Noah Beery and Marguerite Lindsay, Noah Beery Jr. was born on August 10, 1913 in New York. His father is still just a modest theater actor and his uncle, Wallace Beery, just began his career in the cinema. As a child, he rubbed shoulders with all the greatest Hollywood artists, frequented the best schools in California and made some appearances in the cinema, especially alongside his father and Douglas Fairbanks in "The sign of Zorro" (1920) by Fred Niblo. Cadet at the Harvard military academy in Los Angeles, Noah Beery Jr. abandoned his studies at nineteen to follow the paternal path. Engaged by "Universal Pictures", he plays headlining in "Heroes of the West" (1932) a western in twelve episodes led by Ray Taylor, filmmaker he finds the same year for "The Jungle Mystery", Séria of adventure whose star is Tom Tyler.

Until the early 1970s, Noah Beery Jr. will play in a hundred productions. Often confined to secondary roles in small budget films, he perfectly embodies the good friend of the hero, thus giving the reply to Tom Mix, Johnny Mack Brown, Phil Rejea, Roy Rogers, Lon Chaney Jr., Jimmy Rogers and Kent Taylor. On the occasion, a leading role is offered to him, mainly in series B series, as for "Stormy" (1935) by Lew Landers with Jean Rogers and "Under Western Skies" (1945) by Jean Yarbrough with Martha O 'Driscoll. In more ambitious productions, it sometimes rubs shoulders with the shadow of the largest stars. That of Cary Grant and Jean Arthur in "Only the Angels have wings" (1939), Gary Cooper in "Sergent York" (1941), by John Wayne and Montgomery Clift in "La Rivière Rouge" (1948), three films Led by Howard Hawks. He replied to his father, Noah Beery in "La Mine d'Or lost" (1934) and "Overland Mail" (1942), and to his uncle, Wallace Beery, in "Twenty Mule Team" (1940).

From the 1950s, Noah Beery Jr. acquired great notoriety by appearing in a Kyrielle of television productions. He became a familiar face of American viewers, and around the world, for his participation in forty-nine episodes of "Circus Boy" (1956-58) with Guinn Williams and Robert LowerY and seventeen episodes of "Hondo" (1967 ) With Ralph Taeger in the title role. We also see it in the series "Rawhide" (1959) with Clint Eastwood, "La Grande Caravan" (1957-65) with Ward Bond, "Au Non de la Law" (1961) with Steve McQueen, "Gunsmoke, police Plaines "(1964-66) with James Arness," Le Virginien "(1962-71) with James Drury," The Valais man three billion "(1971) with Lee Majors, etc. The actor reaches the summits of popularity by embodying James Garner's father, alias Jim Rockford, in "Two hundred dollars plus costs" from 1974 to 1980, a very sympathetic role which earned him three nominations at the prestigious Emmy Awards.

On the private life, Noah Beery Jr. married in March 1940, Maxine Jones, the daughter of Buck Jones, mother of her two daughters, Muffett and Melissa, and her son Bucklind Beery, also an actor. The couple divorced in 1966. Noah remarried two years later with Lisa Thorman, his wife until November 1, 1994, the day of the death of the actor victim of a cerebral thrombosis. He now rests at the Forest Lawn cemetery, in Hollywood Hills, alongside his father and mother.

Noah Beery Jr. was an American actor born January 10, 1913 in New York, New York, United States. He was the son of actor Noah Beery and the cousin of actor Wallace Beery. Beery Jr. made his cinema debut in 1920 in the film The Mark of Zorro with Douglas Fairbanks, and then played in many other films, especially in westerns and gangster films.

Beery Jr. was known for his role in the television series The Rockford Files as Joseph "Rocky" Rockford, the father of the main character, Jim Rockford. He also played in television series such as The Lone Ranger, Wagon Train and Gunsmoke.

Apart from his acting career, Beery Jr. was also a professional race pilot and participated in several car races. He died on November 1, 1994 in Toluca Lake, California, following a heart attack.


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Jubal (1956) Sam, Horgan Rider
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Wagons West (1952) Archie Lawrence
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The Texas Rangers (1951) Buff Smith
The Last Outpost (1951) (as Noah Beery) Sgt. Calhoun
Two Flags West (1950) (as Noah Beery) Cy Davis
Rocketship X-M (1950) Maj. William Corrigan
The Savage Horde (1950) (as Noah Beery) Glenn Larrrabee
Davy Crockett, Indian Scout (1950) Tex McGee
The Doolins of Oklahoma (1949) Little Bill/Joe Smith
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Parents on Trial (1939) Jerry Kearns
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Only Angels Have Wings (1939) Joe Souther
Strange Case of Dr. Meade (1938) Mart
Trouble at Midnight (1938) Kirk Cameron
Girls' School (1938) George McClellan
Forbidden Valley (1938) Ring Hazzard
Some Blondes Are Dangerous (1937) Bud Mason
The Road Back (1937) Wessling
The Mighty Treve (1937) Bud McClelland
Squadron of Doom (1937) (TV) Jerry
Ace Drummond (1936) Jerry
Parole (1936) Bobby Freeman
Stormy (1935) Stormy
The Call of the Savage (1935) Jan
Devil's Canyon (1935)
Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery (1935) Skeeter Milligan
Five Bad Men (1935) Gene Taggart
Tailspin Tommy (1934) Peter 'Skeeter' Milligan
The Trail Beyond (1934) Wabi
Viva Villa! (1934) (scenes deleted)
Fighting with Kit Carson (1933) Nakomas, son of Dark Eagle
The Three Musketeers (1933) Noah Stubbs [Chs. 1-2, 10]
Rustlers' Roundup (1933) Danny Brand
The Jungle Mystery (1932) Fred Oakes
Heroes of the West (1932) Noah Blaine
Renegades (1930) (uncredited) Young Legionnaire
Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929) (uncredited) Stage boy
Penrod (1922)
The Mark of Zorro (1920) (uncredited) Boy




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