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Patrick Bauchau

Sydney in The Pretender

Photos Patrick Bauchau Birth name: Patrick Bauchau
Birth date: 1938/12/08 (81 years old)
Birth place : Bruxelles
Height: 1.91 m

French Traduire

Biography for Patrick Bauchau

Patrick Bauchau was born in Brussels, Belgium and raised in Belgium, Switzerland and England, UK. He attended Oxford University on an academic scholarship and studied Modern Languages (he speaks French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and a bit of Russian and Flemish). Bauchau began his career in the French New Wave cinema. His work spans the 1960s through the present, though he took a break from acting during the 1970s. Bauchau is best known these days for his role as Sydney in the series "The Pretender" (1996). He also appeared in "Kindred: The Embraced" (1996), and a spate of other films and television appearances both in the United States and Europe. Bauchau's interests include gardening, carpentry, collecting oriental art, and yoga.


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Panic Room (2002) Stephen Altman
Secretary (2002) Dr. Twardon
C.E.O. (2002) Monsieur de Reaumur
The Pretender: Island of the Haunted (2001) (TV) Sydney
Jackpot (2001) Santa Claus/Voice of Sevon
The Pretender 2001 (2001) (TV) Sydney
The Sculptress (2000) Prof. Giraud
The Cell (2000) Lucien Baines
The Pretender Sydney (86 episodes, 1996-2000)
The Beat Nicks (2000) Hank
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (1999) (VG) Tratos (Firestorm)
Twin Falls Idaho (1999) Miles, a Doctor
The Beatnicks (1996) Hank Kerchief
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Jenipapo (1995) Padre Stephen Louis
Earth 2 Sheppard (1 episode, 1995)
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Serpent's Lair (1995) Sam
Lisbon Story (1994) Friedrich Monroe
Fortune Hunter Arno Rutman (1 episode, 1994)
The New Age (1994) Jean Levy
Clear and Present Danger (1994) Enrique Rojas, Cali Cartel
Day of Reckoning (1994/I) (TV) Andre Rouselle
Dark Side of Genius (1994) Sherman McPhee
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Acting on Impulse (1993) (TV) Yoram Sussman
Every Breath (1993) Richard
Chain of Desire (1992) Jerald Buckley
Robert's Movie (1992) Robert
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Murder, She Wrote Inspector Morel (1 episode, 1992)
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Complicazioni nella notte (1992)
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Love Among Thieves (1987) (TV) Alan Channing
Cross (1987) Simon Leenhardt
Arhaggelos tou pathous (1987) Gregoire
Motten im Licht (1987)
Lola (1986) Robert
Conseil de famille (1986) (uncredited) Octave, le frère
Kane & Abel (1985) (mini) TV Series Ludwik
A View to a Kill (1985) Scarpine
Christopher Columbus (1985) (mini) TV Series Don Rodrigo
Nuit porte jarretelles, La (1985)
Phenomena (1985) Insp. Rudolf Geiger
Folie suisse (1985) Federico
Choose Me (1984) Zack Antoine
Femme publique, La (1984) Le père d'Ethel/Ethel's Father
Emmanuelle IV (1984) Marc
Nucleo zero (1984) (TV)
Voyage d'hiver, Le (1984) Adam
Coup de foudre (1983) Carlier
ĂŽles, Les (1983) Edouard
Enigma (1983)
Premiers désirs (1983) Jordan
Stand der Dinge, Der (1982) Friedrich Munro
Crystal Gazing (1982) Husband
Petit pommier, Le (1981) (TV) Pierre, l'ami de la mère
Guns (1980) Tony
Collectionneuse, La (1967) Adrien
Tuset Street (1967) Jorge Artigas


His father is acclaimed Paris-based Belgian author and psychoanalyst Henry Bauchau. His mother was Russian who ran a publishing house and a Swiss finishing school.

Received a degree in modern languages from Oxford University.

Member of jury at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival in 2005


Spouse : Mijanou Bardot (? - present)

Daughter named Camille.

Brother-in-law of Brigitte Bardot

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