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The Pretender

The Pretender Dates : 1996 - 2000
86 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 04 Avril 1997
Creator(s) : Craig W Van Sickle et Steven Long Mitchell
Producer(s) : Craig W Van Sickle et Steven Long Mitchell
Music : Velton Ray Bunch, John Debney, Eric Hester, Mark Leggett et Rick Patterson
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French Traduire


In 1963, Jarod, a young boy of about four years old, was kidnapped and detained prisoner by a private organization called "the center" (located in Blue Cove in Delaware). It is completely isolated from the outside world and used for secret experiences. Almost all of his life is then filmed on mini-discs and it is Sydney, a psychologist from the center, who mainly takes care of him.

But one day, more than 15 years later, he managed to flee from the "center". He takes with him all the mini-discs containing the videos of the "center" in which he appears. He discovers that some of the experiments to which we submitted it ("simulations") were in fact not used to determine causes of accident or something but were intended to kill people (they used him to make weapons ...) .

From this moment Miss Parker, the daughter of the chief of the "center", Mr. Parker, will go in search alone with Sydney (first) to bring Jarod living (preferably) to the center while this will have to move from city to city to escape them. In his path, he will use his many talents to help people and to look for information on his true identity and his family.

The chameleon (The Pretter in English) was an American television series broadcast between 1996 and 2000 on the NBC channel. The series told Jarod's story, a young man with an extraordinary ability to imitate any profession or personality. As a child, Jarod was removed and formed by a mysterious organization called the Center, which used it to carry out secret missions. But Jarod ends up escaping from the center and begins to live on the run, using his imitation talents to help people in need while trying to discover the truth about his past and the organization that formed him .

The series featured Michael T. Weiss in the role of Jarod, Andrea Parker in that of Miss Parker, a premium hunter responsible for finding Jarod, and Patrick Bauchau in that of Sydney, a former member of the center who helped Jarod in his quest for truth. The chameleon was a series of adventure and science fiction which was praised for its original script and its complex characters. The series lasted four seasons and has been broadcast in many countries around the world.

The Actors

Michael T Weiss - Jarod

Michael T Weiss


Andrea Parker - Melle Parker

Andrea Parker

(Melle Parker)

Patrick Bauchau - Sydney

Patrick Bauchau


Harve Presnell - M. Parker

Harve Presnell

(M. Parker)

James Denton - Mr Lyle

James Denton

(Mr Lyle)

Jon Gries - Broots

Jon Gries



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The Pretender was inspired by the life of Ferdinand Demara Jr., a genius with an eidetic memory, who could master any skill just by reading a book about it.

The home base for "The Center" is the same building complex just outside of Toronto (the R. C. Harris Filtration Plant), that is regularly used as Genomex headquarter in "Mutant X" (2001). It is also used in at least two episodes of "PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal" (1996).

Most of the main characters have only a first or last name with the other name either unknown or assumed.

Patrick Bauchau, who plays Sydney, made the medical set used in the show available at no charge to the independent film Twin Falls Idaho (1999) in which Bauchau appears.

Jon Gries guest starred as Broots for over 60 episodes before becoming a regular in season four.


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