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Richard Bull : Biography, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Address, Filmography (Little House on the Prairie)

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Richard Bull

Nelson "Nels" Oleson in Little House on the Prairie

Photos Richard Bull Birth name: Richard Bull
Birth date: 1924/06/26
Date of death : 2014/02/03 (90 years old)

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Title Role
Normal (2003) (TV) Roy's Father
The Secret (2001) Grandpa
A Day In a Life (2000) Will
Where Pigeons Go to Die (1990) (TV) Dr. Sand
A Death in California (1985) (TV) Judge Leonard Ginsburg
Capitol (1982) TV Series Judge (1984-1985)
Little House: Bless All the Dear Children (1984) (TV) Nelson Nels Oleson
Little House: The Last Farewell (1984) (TV) Nelson Nels Oleson
Little House: Look Back to Yesterday (1983) (TV) Nelson Nels Oleson
The Great Cash Giveaway Getaway (1980) (TV) Mr. Dornbusch
The Golden Gate Murders (1979) (TV) Deputy Coroner
A Different Story (1978) Mr. Cooke
A Sensitive, Passionate Man (1977) (TV) Dr. Lazerow
Mr. Sycamore (1975) Dr. Ferfield
Newman's Law (1974) Immigration Man
Little House on the Prairie (1974) TV Series Nelson Nels Oleson
The Parallax View (1974) Parallax Goon
Heat Wave! (1974) (TV) Health Department Official
Breezy (1973) Doctor
Executive Action (1973) Team 'A' Gunman
The President's Plane Is Missing (1973) (TV) First controller
High Plains Drifter (1973) Asa Goodwin
Ulzana's Raid (1972) Ginsford (settler)
Man and Boy (1972) Thornhill
Moonfire (1972)
Columbo: Lady in Waiting (1971) (TV) Second Detective
Sweet, Sweet Rachel (1971) (TV) Lt. Fisher
Nichols (1971) TV Series Judge Thatcher
The Andromeda Strain (1971) Air Force major
Lawman (1971) Dusaine (Land Office proprietor)
Move (1970) Keet
The Stalking Moon (1969) Doctor
The Secret Life of an American Wife (1968) Howard
The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) Booth Guard
How to Steal the World (1968) Hauptmann Gelser
Hour of the Gun (1967) Thomas Fitch (attorney)
The Satan Bug (1965) Eric Cavanaugh
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964) TV Series Doctor
Della (1964)
Then There Were Three (1961)
But Not for Me (1959) (uncredited) Ticket Seller
Tales of Frankenstein (1958) (TV) Paul Helbert
Fear Strikes Out (1957) (uncredited)



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