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Little House on the Prairie : Synopsis, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Filming Locations

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Little House on the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie Dates : 1974 - 1983
201 episodes of 48 min
First broadcasting : 18 Décembre 1976
Creator(s) : Michael Landon
Producer(s) : Michael Landon
Music : David Rose
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A long-running drama based upon the "Little House" series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, "Little House on the Prairie" follows the lives of the simple, farming Ingalls family: Charles, Caroline, Mary, Laura, Carrie and then Grace and the later adopted Albert, James and Cassandra, who settle into a quaint little house on the banks of Plum Creek near the small town of Walnut Grove during the late 1800s. Often narrated by Laura, the series follows her simple farm upbringing from her childhood until her adulthood with Almanzo Wilder with whom she starts a family of her own. While the series is based upon the Little House books (and thus the real life of author Laura Ingalls Wilder), it is a very loose adaptation, with mostly only key events and elements of fact surviving the transition from book to TV series, the most important being Mary's eventual blindness, and Laura's future. Several other fictitious (some factual) characters make up the friendly community of Walnut Grove, including teacher Miss Beadle (succeeded by two other teachers, then Laura, then Etta Plum), Dr. Hiram Baker, Rev. Robert Alden, Mr. Hanson (of the Hanson lumber mill), and the well-to-do Olesons, owners of the local mercantile, and also the primary rivals of the Ingalls family (except the Oleson patriarch). Family friends include the Edwards family, the Garvey family and the Carters, who, in the final season, move into the Ingalls' little house.

The Actors

Michael Landon - Charles Philip Ingalls

Michael Landon

(Charles Philip Ingalls)

Victor French - Isaiah Edwards

Victor French

(Isaiah Edwards)

Melissa Gilbert - Laura Elisabeth Ingalls Wilder

Melissa Gilbert

(Laura Elisabeth Ingalls Wilder)

Melissa Sue Anderson - Mary Ingalls Kendall

Melissa Sue Anderson

(Mary Ingalls Kendall)

Alison Arngrim - Nellie Olson

Alison Arngrim

(Nellie Olson)

Kevin Hagen - Docteur Hiram Baker

Kevin Hagen

(Docteur Hiram Baker)

Dean Butler - Almanzo Wilder

Dean Butler

(Almanzo Wilder)

Matthew Laborteaux - Albert Quinn Ingalls

Matthew Laborteaux

(Albert Quinn Ingalls)

Karen Grassle - Caroline Quiner Holbrook Ingalls

Karen Grassle

(Caroline Quiner Holbrook Ingalls)

Scottie McGregor - Harriet Oleson

Scottie McGregor

(Harriet Oleson)

Richard Bull - Nelson

Richard Bull

(Nelson "Nels" Oleson)

Linwood Boomer - Adam Kendall

Linwood Boomer

(Adam Kendall)

Jonathan Gilbert - William

Jonathan Gilbert

(William "Willie" Oleson)

Steve Tracy - Percival Dalton

Steve Tracy

(Percival Dalton)

Dabbs Greer - Le révérend Alden

Dabbs Greer

(Le révérend Alden)

Merlin Olsen - Jonathan Garvey

Merlin Olsen

(Jonathan Garvey)

Shannen Doherty - Jennie Wilder

Shannen Doherty

(Jennie Wilder)

Patrick Labyorteaux - Andy Garvey

Patrick Labyorteaux

(Andy Garvey)

Brenda Lea Turnbaugh - Grace Ingalls

Brenda Lea Turnbaugh

(Grace Ingalls)

Wendi Lou Turnbaugh - Grace Ingalls

Wendi Lou Turnbaugh

(Grace Ingalls)

Jason Bateman - James Cooper Ingalls

Jason Bateman

(James Cooper Ingalls)

Charlotte Stewart - Eva Beadle-Simms

Charlotte Stewart

(Eva Beadle-Simms)

Karl Swenson - Lars Henson

Karl Swenson

(Lars Henson)

Missy Francis - Cassandra Cooper Ingalls

Missy Francis

(Cassandra Cooper Ingalls)

Allison Balson - Nancy Oleson

Allison Balson

(Nancy Oleson)

Ketty Lester - Hester-Sue Terhune

Ketty Lester

(Hester-Sue Terhune)

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