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Robert Sean Leonard

Dr James Wilson in House M.D.

Photos Robert Sean Leonard Birth name: Robert Lawrence Leonard
Birth date: 1969/02/28 (54 years old)
Birth place : West Wood, New Jersey

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Biography for Robert Sean Leonard

After studying at the University of Fordham, then at Columbia University, Robert Sean Leonard was accepted at the Screen Actor's Guild. It was there that he decides to change his name, replacing Lawrence by Sean, the name of his brother.

With his learning, he obtained his first role on TV in 1986. He has a small role in "My Two Love". The same year, we also see it in the film "The Manhattan Project", a science fiction film. Robert Sean Leonard thus continues, from small roles in small roles, going from "bluffing It" in 1987, still on TV, to "My Best Friend is a vampire", in 1988. It was ultimately the following year, in 1989, that he obtained one of his most striking roles, that of Neil Perry Robert in the Oscar -winning film "The Circle of disappeared poets", where he plays alongside Robin Williams and Ethan Hawke. The latter also remains one of his best friends. In this cult film, Robert Sean Leonard camps a young student passionate about comedy, but who is shown by his father, who has other projects for him.

His career in cinema having gradually extinct, Robert Sean Leonard decides to turn to TV. After a few roles and appearances in "Outle Limits", "Wasteland", the films Tape, "A Glumpse of Hell" and "Driven", Robert Sean finally finds the role of his life.

He is thus the first actor to have joined the casting of the cult series Dr House. He camps James Wilson, head of the oncology department, and best friend of Dr Gregory House there. Or rather the only person that Gregory House considers his friend. Faced with the cynical character of House, Wilson appears as a more human and generous being, who tries day after day to breathe a little into the house of his bonhomie, without real success. Note that in real life, Robert Sean Leonard and Hugh Laurie, who camps Gregory House, are good friends.

Robert Sean Leonard is an American actor born September 28, 1969 in Westwood, New Jersey. He is best known for his role as Neil Perry in the play "The Dead Poets Society" and for his role as James Wilson in the television series "Dr House". Leonard began his acting career in children's theater productions before making his cinema debut in 1988 in the film "A Month of Sunday". Since then, he has played in many films and television series, notably "Vampire Academy", "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead". In addition to his acting career, Leonard is also passionate about music and plays the guitar in a rock group called "The Bridge".


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