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Ron Harper

Alan Virdon in Planet of the Apes

Photos Ron Harper Birth name: Ron Harper
Birth date: 1936/01/12 (86 years old)
Birth place : Turtle Creek, Pennsylvanie (USA)

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Biography for Ron Harper

Born in Turtle Creek, a small town just east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ron Harper became valedictorian of his senior class and won an academic scholarship to Princeton where he supplemented his academic studies by appearing in a number of plays and musical comedies. He then earned a fellowship to study law at Harvard but the "acting bug" lured him instead to New York where he studied with Lee Strasberg. Next came a stint in the U.S. Navy, (mostly spent in Panama), followed by a return to New York. After several disappointments he earned a job as Paul Newman's understudy in "Sweet Bird of Youth". Hollywood soon beckoned and he appeared in a succession of TV series: "87th Precinct" (1961), "The Jean Arthur Show" (1966), "Wendy and Me" (1964), "Garrison's Gorillas" (1967) and "Planet of the Apes" (1974).

Following "Apes", Harper appeared in several soap-operas and guest-starred on various TV shows. He now lives in California.


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Title Role
Touched (2005) (post-production) Dr. Daniels
Glass Trap (2004) Hank
Venomous (2002) Larry Kizinsky
Pearl Harbor (2001) Minister
Freedom Strike (1998) Norman
The Odd Couple II (1998) Jack
Below Utopia (1997) Jack Beckett
Generations (1989) TV Series Peter Whitmore (1990-1991)
Loving (1983/I) TV Series Charles Hartman (1988)
Capitol (1982) TV Series Baxter McCandless (1985-1987)/Jarrett Morgan
The Soldier (1982) Head of CIA
Back to the Planet of the Apes (1981) (TV) Alan Virdon
Farewell to the Planet of the Apes (1981) (TV) Alan Virdon
Another World (1964) TV Series Taylor Holloway (1980)
Love of Life (1951) TV Series Dr. Andrew Marriott #2 (1977-1980)
Planet of the Apes (1974) TV Series Alan Virdon
Land of the Lost (1974) TV Series Uncle Jack
Where the Heart Is (1969) TV Series Steve Prescott #2 (1970-1973)
Temporada salvaje (1968)
Garrison's Gorillas (1967) TV Series Lt. Craig Garrison
The Jean Arthur Show (1966) TV Series Paul Marshall
Wendy and Me (1964) TV Series Jeff Conway
87th Precinct (1961) TV Series Det. Bert Kling


Co-starred in two television shows in the early/mid seventies where he travels through time: in Land of the lost he goes back in time and in Planet Of The Apes he goes forward in time.


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