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Assignment Vienna

Assignment Vienna Dates : 1972 - 1973
8 episodes of 48 min
First broadcasting : 14 avril 1974
Creator(s) : Eric Bercovici Jerry Ludwig
Producer(s) : Eric Bercovici Jerry Ludwig
Music : Dave Grusin
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French Traduire


At the Jake's Bar, in a trendy street in the Viennese capital, in an atmosphere located halfway between "Casablanca" and "The third man", Jake Webster thwarts the intrigue behind his counter. In fact, this bar is a facade for a former secret agent sometimes working on behalf of the United States government at a time, where relaxation is on the agenda between Americans and Soviets. Often forced, against his will, to follow the instructions of his direct superior, Major Bernard Caldwell, he regularly faces the chief of the Vienna police: Hoffmann.

Through this short series, with only eight episodes, Robert Conrad found a role as a secret agent of which he once again assured a tasty composition while not neglecting the mass assets of this type of program: pretty girls in distress, prosecution In cars and many fights. Back on a series little rebroadcast since, but which marked French viewers in the 1970s.

The man of Vienna (original title: Assignment Vienna) was an American television series broadcast between 1976 and 1978. She featured Ben Gazzara in the role of an American secret agent named Nick Bianco, who was assigned to the station From the National Security Agency (NSA) to Vienna, Austria.

The series took place in the 1970s, and followed the adventures of Nick Bianco while he was carrying out secret missions for the NSA, while facing plots and dangers on every street corner. Bianco was assisted in his missions by a group of experienced secret agents, who helped him to thwart the plans of the enemies of America.

The man of Vienna was a series of espionage which combined elements of intrigue and action with humor and romance. It was very popular at the time of its distribution, and was greeted by criticism for its exceptional performances and its solid realization. The series also won several awards, including an Emmy Award in 1977 for the best artistic direction for a dramatic series.

Unfortunately, the series was canceled after only two seasons due to low audiences. However, it remains a cult program for fans of the spying television series, and is often considered a classic example of the genre.

The Actors

Robert Conrad - Jake Webster

Robert Conrad

(Jake Webster)


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The pilot having been filmed at the end of 1971 to be presented to the "screenings" of the spring, the producers nevertheless encountered a major difficulty: Roy Scheider, having won an Oscar for his role in French Connection of William Friedkin , no longer wanted to invest in a long -term series. Also, it was called to Robert Conrad to replace him. As for Richard Basehart, he is known to viewers for having been Admiral Harriman Nelson in the series produced by Irwin Allen: trip to the bottom of the seas, a show broadcast from September 14, 1964 to September 15, 1968 on ABC. For the series, he will be replaced by Charles Cioffi as well as Werner Klemperer will be by Anton Driffing for the role of Commissioner Hoffman. Pernell Roberts is notably known in France for his participation in the Bonanza series between 1959 and 1965.


Filming locations:

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