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Automan Dates : 1983 - 1983
13 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 25 Decembre 1987
Creator(s) : Glen A. Larson
Producer(s) : Glen A. Larson
Music : Morton Stevens, J.A.C. Redford
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French Traduire


Walter Nebicher works as a computer scientist in the Los Angeles police but all his colleagues, apart from the pretty Roxanne, make fun of him.

What his mockery colleagues do not know is that in the evening, Walter generates Automan, a hologram capable of reorganizing matter and whose powers allow him to pass through the walls, to take turns in a tron ​​in a Lamborghini COUNTACH, also holographic, or even to fly aboard the car project.

But just as Superman has his kryptonite, when the day gets up and the grid breads and electric razors set off, Automan weakens and must regenerate in Walter's computer, so that in the evening, he can Again fight crime ...

Automan is an American television series broadcast between December 1983 and April 1984 on the ABC network. The series follows the adventures of Walter Nebicher, a computer programmer for the Los Angeles police, and his digital alter ego, Automan, a superhero created to fight crime in the city.

Automan was designed as a virtual character with advanced artificial intelligence, capable of taking any physical form thanks to hologram technology. Walter could invoke Automan using a special computer and a voice control device, and the superhero could be seen by the other characters in the series thanks to a special transmitter installed in an umbrella.

The series featured Chuck Wagner in the role of Walter Nebicher / Automan, as well as Robert Lansing in the role of his superior, Captain Felix Tesla. Automan was also accompanied by a robotic companion, Cursor, who could take the form of a simple light point or any mechanical object.

Despite its innovative concept and cutting -edge technology, Automan did not experience the expected success and was canceled after only 12 episodes. The series has nevertheless won a small cult fanbase over the years for its unique representation of artificial intelligence and advanced technology in a context of superheroes.

The Actors

Chuck Wagner - Automan

Chuck Wagner


Robert Lansing - Lieutnant Jack Curtis

Robert Lansing

(Lieutnant Jack Curtis)

Desi Arnaz jr - Walter Nebicher

Desi Arnaz jr

(Walter Nebicher)


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Filming locations:

  • 20th Century Fox Studios - 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA

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