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Banacek Dates : 1972 - 1974
17 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 04 Janvier 1974
Creator(s) : Claudia Lonow
Producer(s) : Howie Horowitz
Music : Billy Goldenberg, Jack Elliott, Ally Ferguson et Elliott Kaplan
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French Traduire


Thomas Banacek is a high class independent agent, half-American half Polish. Specialist in impossible crimes who defy the imagination, he works in Free Lance for the insurance company "Boston Insurance Company" which pays him up to 10 % of the value of stolen or missing objects, but who regularly puts him in competition with its own investigators.

Two of these investigators regularly return to the series: Carlie Kirkland (Christine Belford) and Penniman (Linden Chiles) who hates and jealous Banacek. The latter lives in the chic district of Boston, rolls in limousine with driver, and shows a very safe taste for clothing, art, cooking and women ...

Banacek was an American television series which was broadcast between 1972 and 1974. The series was centered on a private Polish-American detective named Thomas Banacek, interpreted by George Peppard. Banacek was a clever and charming detective who resolved complex crimes using his intelligence and her deduction skills.

The series took place in Boston and followed the adventures of Banacek while investigating different cases with each episode. Banacek was often helped by a group of secondary characters, notably Jay Drury, an investigation journalist, and Carl R. Rizzo, an IT expert.

The series was created by Richard Levinson and William Link, the authors of the television series Columbo. It was produced by Universal Television and broadcast on the NBC channel. The series was a success when it was released and was greeted by criticism for its intelligent intrigue and its engaging main character.

Unfortunately, the series was canceled after only two seasons due to bad hearings. However, it has remained popular with longtime fans and is considered one of the great classics of police television in the 1970s.

The Actors

George Peppard - Thomas Banacek

George Peppard

(Thomas Banacek)


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By the creators of Columbo, Banacek was a series with very original scenarios, puzzles leaving the beaten track, which were resolved by a very comfortable George Peppard in his role of descendant of Polish - and proud of being! -, seconded by a no less fun driver, always convinced that he has found the key to the enigma. Among the recurring characters, the inevitable female quota, adding a pseudo-amorous tension, and the traditional investigator rolled in flour by an always triumphant bananak.


Filming locations:

Universal Studios, Universal City, California, USA

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