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Banacek Dates : 1972 - 1974
17 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 04 Janvier 1974
Creator(s) : Claudia Lonow
Producer(s) : Howie Horowitz
Music : Billy Goldenberg, Jack Elliott, Ally Ferguson et Elliott Kaplan
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French Traduire


Thomas Banacek is a clever and well-to-do insurance investigator living in Boston. He makes good money by solving the most intricate and unusual mysteries, and is very proud of his Polish heritage. His contacts include his street-smar

The Actors

George Peppard - Thomas Banacek

George Peppard

(Thomas Banacek)


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The cigars Banacek smoked were actually George Peppard's private stock of panatelas from Club 21 in New York (they were the same cigars he smoked as Hannibal Smith in "The A-Team" (1983)).

None of the strange, supposedly "Polish" sayings liberally quoted by the lead character is genuine. They were all invented by the script writers with humorous effect in mind. On top of that, "Banacek" is a typical name from Slovakia, not Poland.


Filming locations:

Universal Studios, Universal City, California, USA

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