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Baywatch Nights

Baywatch Nights Dates : 1995 - 1997
44 episodes of 44 min
First broadcasting : 16 janvier 1999
Creator(s) : Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, David Hasselhoff et Gregory
Producer(s) : David Hasselhoff, Gregory J. Bonann, Michael Berk
Music : Cory Lerios, Mark Holden, John D'Andrea
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Mitch Buchannon, the famous Malibu Sea rescue, is also a private detective at night. The series follows its adventures, in the hot and sparkling nights of Los Angeles ... David Hasselhoff and his companions put skills, force and sex appeal to the service of justice.

A private in Malibu (Baywatch Nights in English) was an American television series which was broadcast between 1995 and 1997. It was a series derived from the famous television series Baywatch, which followed the adventures of the rescuers of Malibu beach. In a private in Malibu, one of the main characters in Baywatch, Mitch Buchannon (interpreted by David Hasselhoff), worked as a private detective at night, investigating mysterious and supernatural cases that threatened Malibu's beach.

The series was produced by Douglas Schwartz and Greg Bonann, the executive producers of Baywatch. She also included several recurring actors from Baywatch, such as David Charvet, Shawn Weatherly and Gregory Alan Williams.

Despite its popularity with fans of Baywatch, a private in Malibu did not have great commercial success and was only broadcast for two seasons, before being canceled in 1997. Since then, the series has become cult for Baywatch fans and has been rebroadcast several times on television.


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