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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Dates : 1987 - 1990
56 episodes of 60 min
First broadcasting : 12 Novembre 1988
Creator(s) : Ron Koslow
Producer(s) : Howard Gordon
Music : Don Davis, Lee Holdridge, Melanie, William Ross
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French Traduire


Catherine Chandler is a young lawyer for New York High Society.

Vincent, a mysterious half-man half-lion creature, saw hidden in the tunnels under the city, or a small community of excluded itself.

They live in two separate worlds, but their destinies will cross, and bond forever ...

The American TV series La Belle and La Bete follows the adventures of Catherine Chandler, a police detective in New York who witnessed the assassination of her mother when she was a child. After being saved by a mysterious creature, Catherine spends years trying to discover her identity. She ends up learning that the creature that saved her is in fact Vincent Keller, a man who underwent military experiences that transformed him into a kind of beast with increased strength and healing.

Catherine and Vincent end up falling in love, but their relationship is complicated by the secrets and dangers around them. Vincent must constantly hide his true identity to protect himself and those he loves, while Catherine must navigate between her work as a detective and her role as a protector of Vincent.

Together, Catherine and Vincent face many enemies, including criminals, soldiers and members of the scientific community who know the truth about Vincent and want to use it for their own ends. They must also face personal problems, such as Vincent's past trauma and complications in their relationship caused by the differences between them.

Despite all the obstacles, Catherine and Vincent remain faithful to each other and continue to fight for their love and their freedom.

The Actors

Linda Hamilton - Catherine Chandler

Linda Hamilton

(Catherine Chandler)

Ron Perlman - Vincent

Ron Perlman



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It took four morning to five hours (six if it was also necessary to make your hands) to transform Ron Perlman into Vincent. The actor and his makeup artist were often the first arrived on the set in the morning, and the last ones to leave in the evening

The makeup started with the installation of three pieces in latex foam, one covering the middle of the face and the cheekbones, the other two on the browbosed arcades, fixed with an acrylic glue, because Ron was allergic to glues based on solvent . These parts were for single use, Rick Baker provided as much as necessary thanks to special molds. Then we went to painting, acrylic, also, on the whole face, of a relatively uniform shade, the reliefs of the face being already sufficient, more marked shadows would have given Vincent the too aggressive air. The "fur" was made of yack (!) Half hairs menu and glued in small tufts on the skin and latex. The same, longer hairs were used for the hands, but these were only made up in the event of a close-up on them, the rest of the Ron time wore special gloves. There were two wigs, in natural hair. One of them, despite Margaret's efforts, tended to curl very slightly, which is noticed in certain episodes. A third, disheveled and a little darker, served for the "Vincent Côté Dark", which required completely different makeup, with a darker shade and more marked shadows. The wig had to be securely fixed, because the hood, extremely heavy, tended to shoot it back.


Filming locations:

Golden Oak Ranch - 19802 Placerita Canyon Road, Newhall, California, USA

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