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Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder Dates : 1984 - 1984
11 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 1985
Creator(s) :
Producer(s) : Jeri taylor , Roy Huggins , David Rodgers , Columbia Picture
Music : Arthur B Rubinstein
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French Traduire


Lieutenant Frank Chaney of the LAPD is a daredevil cop with unorthodox methods that has been assigned to the Thunder team of fire that uses an ultra sophisticated helicopter.

The thunder of fire is capable of flying at very high speed and showing an extraordinary maneuverability, it can fly silently thanks to the "murmur" flight and has a very powerful machine gun, a 20mm vulcan gatling M61 and a 6000 shots/minute shooting cadence

Tonnerre de Feu (Blue Thunder in English) was an American television series broadcast between 1984 and 1985. The series was inspired by the film of the same name, released in 1983, which staged a futuristic combat helicopter used by Los Angeles police . The series followed the adventures of Frank Chaney, a Los Angeles police helicopter pilot, and his teammate, Richard Lymangood, while using the Blue Thunder helicopter to fight crime in the streets of the city.

The Blue Thunder helicopter was a high-tech device equipped with numerous weapons and advanced surveillance devices, which made it a formidable weapon for the Los Angeles police. The series featured Frank and Richard's missions as they faced dangerous criminals and resolved difficult surveys, while sailing in the complexities of the police.

The series was created by Bruce Lansbury and produced by Tom Greene and Michael Laughlin. It was broadcast on the CBS channel for a single season of 14 episodes. Although it did not have great success during its broadcast, it has been rebroadcast several times since and has acquired a base of faithful fans.

The Actors

James Farentino - Frank Chaney

James Farentino

(Frank Chaney)


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The thunder helicopter of fire is French, it is a Gazelle SA-341G.

The actor Gil Gerard was to be the hero for thunder of fire.


Filming locations:

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