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Bring'em back alive

Bring'em back alive Dates : 1982 - 1983
18 episodes of 46 min
First broadcasting : 13 Novembre 1983
Creator(s) : Frank Cardea, George Schenk
Producer(s) : Jay Bernstein, Larry A. Thompson
Music : Arthur B. Rubinstein
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French Traduire


Frank Buck is a famous fawn hunter living in Malaysia during the years preceding the Second World War.

He does not hesitate to lend a hand to Gloria Marlowe, the pretty vice-consul of the United States based in Singapore, facing the worst brigands that scour southern Asia: arms traffickers, head hunters, the spies, and even bellicose Nazis and other Japanese. He must also very often thwart the plans of the treacherous baron vonturgo.

Fortunately, Frank can count on the precious help of his two friends, Ali and the sultan of Johore.

You will understand, the series is very widely modeled on "The adventurers of the lost ark" but you should know that there was really a hunter of wild beasts named Frank Buck in the 1940s who then inspired a whole series of books Relating his "adventures" ...

Frank, Fauves hunter (Bring'em back alive) was an American television series broadcast between 1982 and 1983 on CBS. The series was inspired by the adventures of the hunter of Fauves Frank Buck, known for its expeditions in Asia in the 1920s and 1930s. In the series, the character of Frank Buck is interpreted by Bruce Boxleitner and follows his adventures as a hunter of Fauves in the Asian jungles.

The show was a mixture of adventure, action and drama, and staged fights against wild animals, prosecution through the jungle and exciting adventures. The series was very popular at the time of its diffusion, thanks to its intense action scenes and the convincing interpretation of Bruce Boxleitner as a hunter of fearless wild beasts.

Unfortunately, the series was canceled after a single season due to its high cost and lack of success in the hearings. Although Frank, hunter of wild beasts only lasted one season, she left a legacy for years thanks to her unique representation of adventure and life in the Asian jungles.

The Actors

Bruce Boxleitner - Frank Buck

Bruce Boxleitner

(Frank Buck)

Cindy Morgan - Gloria Marlowe

Cindy Morgan

(Gloria Marlowe)


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Filming locations:

  • Arcadia, California, USA.

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