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China Beach

China Beach Dates : 1988 - 1990
64 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 23 Janvier 1990
Creator(s) : William Broyles Jr et John Sacret Young
Producer(s) : John Sacret Young
Music : John Rubinstein et Paul Chihara
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The Vietnam War, with heroes, not soldiers, but nurses. Doctors, "escort girls" nurses, and soldiers coexist in the hospital of a military base. While managing everyone's personal problems, they must overcome daily horror ...

China Beach is an American television series which was broadcast between 1988 and 1991. The series takes place during the Vietnam War and follows the adventures of the young nurse Holly Pelegrino, who joined the American army and finds himself assigned to China Beach medical center, a country hospital located near Da Nang. Holly meets a group of colorful characters, including the chief sergeant McMurphy, an experienced nurse who takes Holly under her wing, and K.C., a prostitute who works at China Beach R&R.

Throughout the series, Holly and her colleagues face war horrors, while trying to find comfort and meaning in their work. Holly has relations with wounded soldiers, while K.C. faces violence and trauma caused by his profession. McMurphy, for his part, tries to find a balance between her role as nurse and her own personal demons.

Despite the dangers and the difficulties they encounter, the characters of China Beach continue to help each other and rely on each other to survive war and find a little peace in a world constantly Upheaval. The series was praised for its realism and its sensitivity, as well as for the performance of its actors, in particular Dana Delary in the role of Holly Pelegrino.

The Actors

Robert Picardo - Docteur Dick Richard

Robert Picardo

(Docteur Dick Richard)

Marg Helgenberger - Karen Charlene 'K.C.' Koloski

Marg Helgenberger

(Karen Charlene 'K.C.' Koloski)

Dana Delany - Colleen McMurphy

Dana Delany

(Colleen McMurphy)

Michael Boatman - Samuel Beckett

Michael Boatman

(Samuel Beckett)


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Two series devoted to the Vietnam War appeared in the grids of American television programs in the late 80s: one staged soldiers ("the hell of duty"), the other ("China Beach ") put forward the work of those who stay at the camp, to treat the wounded. Some actresses in the series (Dana Delary, Megan Gallagher, ...) have since had the opportunity to repeat their talent in other television productions.

Holding four Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe in the best dramatic series, China Beach takes a just and lucid look at the life of the actors of one of the most striking eras in American history.

Marg Helgenberger will later become the main interpreter of the series "Les Experts". Dana Delary will be one of the investigators of "NYPD Blue", Robert Picardo will become Dr. Holographique of the series "Star Trek Voyager", while Megan Gallagher will become the wife of Frank Black in the series "Millennium"


Filming locations:

Hawaii USA

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