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Colditz Dates : 1972 - 1974
28 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 11 janvier 1975
Creator(s) : Brian Degas et Gérard Glaister
Producer(s) : Gerard Glaister
Music : Robert Farnon
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French Traduire


This series sets scene the daily life of prisoners of war incarcerated at the Chateau de Colitz during the Second World War

Colitz is a Britannico-German television series in 43 52-minute episodes, created by Brian Degas and Gerard Glaister and broadcast between October 3, 1972 and April 8, 1974 on the ITV network. The series was broadcast in Germany under the title "Flucht aus Colditz" (escape from Colditz) and in France under the title "The adventurers of Colditz".

Colditz tells the story of British prisoners of war and allies incarcerated in Colditz castle during the Second World War. The Château de Colitz was a high security establishment used by the Nazis to imprison the most dangerous or difficult to contain allied military officers.

The series features the attempts to escape prisoners and their daily struggle to maintain their morale and their dignity in front of their jailers. The colonel of the British armed forces, Pat Reid, plays a central role in the series by directing the escape efforts of prisoners.

The series was very popular at the time of its broadcast and was nominated for several prices. She was also adapted in film in 2005 under the title "Colditz: The Escapists".


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