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Crime Story

Crime Story Dates : 1986 - 1988
44 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 01 Octobre 1988
Creator(s) : Chuck Adamson et Gustave Reininger
Producer(s) : Michael Mann
Music :
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In the Chicago of the 1960s, Lieutenant Mark Torello must fight organized crime and mafia.

Crime Story was an American television series broadcast between 1986 and 1988 on NBC. The series was produced by Michael Mann, who had also created Miami Vice. Crime Story was a suspense police series which took place in Chicago in the 1960s and followed the investigations of the detective Mike Torello and his team while they tracked the gangster criminal Ray Luca.

The series featured Dennis Farina in the role of Torello and Anthony Denison in that of Luca. It also included a wide range of interesting secondary characters, such as the district prosecutor Karen Friedman and Lieutenant Manny Weisbord.

Crime Story was acclaimed by criticism for its careful realization, its solid performance and its captivating intrigue. The series was nominated for many prizes, including two Primetime Emmy Awards for the best artistic direction and the best make -up. Unfortunately, the series was not very successful in terms of hearing and was canceled after two seasons.

Despite its short duration, Crime Story remained a cult series for many fans of police television. If you have the opportunity to look at it, you will not be disappointed with its complex intrigue and its dark and oppressive atmosphere.

The Actors

Bill Smitrovich - Détective Danny Krychek

Bill Smitrovich

(Détective Danny Krychek)

Dennis Farina - Lieutenant Mike Torello

Dennis Farina

(Lieutenant Mike Torello)

Ted Levine - Frank Holman

Ted Levine

(Frank Holman)

Bill Campbell - Détective Joey Indelli

Bill Campbell

(Détective Joey Indelli)


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This series, produced by Michael Mann, to whom we owe two cops in Miami, was qualified by Time Magazine, during its broadcast, as a "most authentic police series for a long time". The intrigues are well put together, the realization is neat, in particular the pilot that we owe to Abel Ferrara, and the music, very effective.

One of the reasons for the authenticity of the series is due to the fact that the main actor, Dennis Farina, had been a police officer for fifteen years in the city of Chicago, before becoming an actor.

However, the series did not convince the public and it stopped after two


The series has seen a good number of faces little known at the time, but which have since made their way. If the experts David Caruso and Gary Sinise participated in several episodes, others made it brightest appearances: from Julia Roberts to Dennis Haysbert, via Christian Slater, Kevin Spacey, Fred Savage and Lorraine Bracco. Even singer Paul Anka and David Soul agreed to play the guest-stars for an episode.

The series is also known as the following name: "The Incorruptibles of Chicago"


Filming locations:

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