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Family Matters

Family Matters Dates : 1989 - 1998
215 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 01 Janvier 1995
Creator(s) : William Bickley, Michael Warren
Producer(s) : Thomas L Miller, Robert L Boyett et David W Duclon
Music : Steven Chesne, Jesse Frederick, Bennett Salvay et Gary Boren
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The Winslow form a family like any other. Carl, police officer, and his wife, Harriette, have three children: Eddie, Laura and Judy. Estelle, Carl's mother, and Rachel, Harriette's sister, also live with them. But their quiet little lives are upset the day they meet their neighbor, Steve Urkel, a gifted but very clumsy boy ...

Family life (Family Matters in English) is an American television series which was broadcast between 1989 and 1998 on the ABC channel. The series features the life of the Winslow family, which lives in a big American city, Chicago. The family consists of Carl and Harriette Winslow, as well as their three children, Eddie, Laura and Judy. Their neighbor, Steve Urkel, is a recurring character in the series and becomes an important member of the family.

The series is mainly focused on family relationships and daily conflicts that the characters must face. Comedy is often used to approach more serious subjects, such as discrimination, couple problems and adolescent difficulties.

The series was very popular in the United States, and won several awards, including an Award image in 1994 for the best comic television series. The series has also been broadcast in many other countries, and has been translated into several languages.

The main actors in the series were Jo Marie Payton as a Winslow Harriette, Darius McCrary as Eddie Winslow, Kellie Shanygne Williams as Laura Winslow, Jaime Foxworth as Judy Winslow, and Jaleel White as Steve Urkel . The series was also the first television series to have an African-American actor in the main role, with Reginald Veljohnson as Carl Winslow.

In addition to following the adventures of the Winslow family, the series has also introduced several interesting secondary characters, such as Maxine, Steve's girlfriend, and Eddie's Best Friend, Waldo Geraldo Faldo. The series also had several spin-offs, including a short film entitled "Steve Urkel and the world of hip-hop" and another series entitled "Les Brothers Urkel".

Although family life is a comic series, it has been praised for its diversity and its ability to approach serious subjects in an authentic and humorous way. The series remains an American television classic and is still appreciated by fans around the world.

The Actors

Reginald VelJohnson - Carl Winslow

Reginald VelJohnson

(Carl Winslow)

Jaleel White - Steve Urkel

Jaleel White

(Steve Urkel)


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The interpreter of Harriette Winslow, Jo Marie Payton, preferred to abandon his character during the passage of the series on CBS, the evolution of the character of Steve Urkel displeasing him more and more. In "A four -star cook", Judyann Elder resumes his role and thus becomes Harriette for the last eleven episodes of the series.

During their first broadcast on the Network ABC, the episodes opened on a particularly long sequence, then shortened for dissemination abroad and in syndication.

Family life is derived from the Larry & Balki series, broadcast between 1986 and 1993 on ABC: Jo Marie Payton already interpreted Harriette Winslow, liftière in the Chicago Chronicle building.

Jaleel White performs eight characters throughout the series: Steven Quiny Urkel, the terrible neighbor of Winslow, but also his unsightly cousin, Myrtel Urkel, and his Cousin Rebel, Cornelius Eugene Urkel. In two episodes, he is also the voice of his invention, a robot in his image. Later, he became Stefan, the double charming of Steve, and also turns into Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley and Albert Einstein thanks to one of his machines.

The Network ABC canceled the broadcast of the series at the end of the eighth season, but the CBS channel, which wanted to rejuvenate its audience, decided to continue the production is broadcast it in turn. The series has thus had a ninth season. Laura and Steve had to get married in the tenth, but the weak audiences were right for the series. The show is definitively canceled by CBS.

The character of Steve Urkel, the gifted but clumsy neighbor, experienced so much success that products derived from his character have emerged. T-shirts, dolls, posters in his effigy were a huge success. It was also the headliner of a limited edition of cereal packages.

The sets used for scenes inside the house of the Winslow also served the shootings of the our beautiful family and The Hogan Family series.

The character of the neighbor of the Winslow family, Steve Urkel (Jaleel White), was supposed to appear only in the fourth episode of the series, but the viewers massively asked for his return. He then became one of the recurring characters in the series before becoming the hero alongside Carl (Reginald Veljohnson), to whom he frequently asks "it was I who did that?", Cult replica that has largely contributed to the notoriety of the series.

At the start of the series, Harriette and Carl Winslow have three children: Laura, Eddie and Judy. However, the character of Judy, the youngest, appears more and more rarely over the seasons, before disappearing completely at the end of the fourth without any explanation.


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