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Father Dowling Mysteries

Father Dowling Mysteries Dates : 1987 - 1991
43 episodes of 44 min
First broadcasting : 22 Octobre 1991
Creator(s) : Ralph McInerny
Producer(s) : Dean Hargrove et Joel Steiger
Music : Bruce Babcock, Joel Rosenbaum et Arthur Kempel
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Father Dowling is a priest in the city of Chicago. Of a curious nature and passionate about criminal investigations, he regularly provides the local police. Sister Steve Oskowski, a religious intrepid who grew up in the street and who knows all the codes and language, also brings her assistance.

Father Dowling (Father Dowling Mysteries) was an American television series which was broadcast between 1989 and 1991. The series featured Tom Bosley in the role of Father Frank Dowling, a Catholic priest who resolved criminal investigations with the help of His assistant, a nun named Sister Steve. Father Dowling lived and worked in the fictitious city of Chicago, Illinois.

The series was a production of Universal Television and was broadcast on the ABC channel. It was created by the Baer and Gene Miller, and was produced by Philip Bosco and Bill Diamond. The series was a mixture of comedy and drama, and featured a gallery of fun and colorful secondary characters, including the Sheriff McGinnis, judge Meehan and detective Nick Moletti.

Father Dowling was a kind and benevolent priest, who was often called to help people in need. Although his criminal surveys are often complex and dangerous, he was always guided by his love of God and his desire to do good. Sister Steve was her dedicated and daring assistant, who was ready to do anything to help Father Dowling in his investigations.

Father Dowling was a great success with viewers and was nominated for several prizes, including a Primetime Emmy Award for the best artistic direction in a comic or musical series. Although the series only lasted two seasons, it has become a classic of American television and is always watched with its fans.

The Actors

Tom Bosley - Père Frank Dowling

Tom Bosley

(Père Frank Dowling)


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