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Get smart

Get smart Dates : 1965 - 1970
138 episodes of 26 min
First broadcasting : 8 septembre 1968
Creator(s) : Mel Brooks et Buck Henry
Producer(s) : Leonard Stern
Music : Vic Mizzy
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The tribulations of a somewhat special secret agent who works for a government organization named Control.

Max, decked out in the number 86, is a secret agent who continues disasters. He never understands anything about the missions entrusted to him, but, miraculously, he always succeeds in carrying them. He thus acquired a reputation of greater secret agents and all delicate missions are entrusted to him.

Convinced of being of an intelligence much higher than the average, it will systematically thwart Kaos' plans to dominate the world and becomes their number 1 enemy.

He truffled his trap apartment, but it is always he who falls in it because he forgets where they are arranged. Max remains a permanent danger, an itinerant bomb, for his friends as for his enemies.

In his missions, Max is assisted by the attractive agent 99 which is its exact opposite. She is intelligent, beautiful, refined and madly in love with Max for a fairly ... ambiguous reason. She will end up admitting it. They will get married and have twins.

Max La Menace (Get Smart in original version) is an American comedy broadcast from 1965 to 1970. The show was created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry and stages a awkward and unlucky secret agent named Maxwell Smart, interpreted by the actor Don Adams. He is accompanied by his assistant 99 (Barbara Feldon), his chief General Hamilton (Edward Platt) and his sworn enemy, agent Kaos Siegfried (Bernie Kopell).

The show is known for its absurd humor and its frequent use of futuristic gadgets and comic situations. In each episode, Maxwell Smart finds himself faced with dangerous missions and conspiracies of the Kaos criminal organization, while trying to maintain his coverage as an analyst of the threat control department.

Despite its success on television, the series has often been criticized for its lack of diversity and for its caricatural use of stereotypes. In 2008, a film adaptation was carried out, with Steve Carell in the role of Maxwell Smart.

The Actors

Don Adams - Max

Don Adams



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