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Hawaï Five-O

Hawaï Five-O Dates : 1968 - 1980
284 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 15 juillet 1973
Creator(s) : Leonard Freeman
Producer(s) : Leonard Freeman et CBS
Music : Morton Stevens
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Hawaii Five-0 is the name of a special police unit consisting of no more than four men at a time, although it can freely call upon the Honolulu Police Department for more men if needed. Answerable only to the governor, Five-0 investigates the most important and sensational crimes, ranging from murder and kidnapping to terrorism and international espionage. Five-0's leader is ex-Navy Intelligence investigator Steve McGarrett, a tough Irish cop possessed with a determined nature, a hatred of crime and an elaborate bouffant hairdo. Other Five-O personnel included Dan Williams, second-in-command and "Dan-O" to McGarrett; pipe-smoking Chinese Chin Ho Kelly, native Hawaiian Kono; Samoan detective Ben Kokua; and Hawaiian Duke Lukela, who worked his way up from patrolman. McGarrett's archenemy was Red Chinese agent Wo Fat, whose plans were always thwarted by McGarrett, and who always managed to escape the reach of the law--at least until the final episode.

The Actors

Jack Lord - Steve McGarrett

Jack Lord

(Steve McGarrett)

Kam Fong - Chin Ho Kelly

Kam Fong

(Chin Ho Kelly)

Zulu - Kono Kalakaua


(Kono Kalakaua)

James Macarthur - Danny Williams

James Macarthur

(Danny Williams)

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