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In Justice

In Justice Dates : 2006 - 2006
13 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 25 Juin 2006
Creator(s) : Michelle et Robert King
Producer(s) : Michelle King
Music : Laura Karpman
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Each year, hundreds of innocent people are convicted of crimes they have not committed, because of crooked police officers, false testimonies or manipulated jurors. David Swain directs the Justice project, an organization made up of young partners determined to release the innocent and discover the culprits. Swain is assisted by his partner Charles Conti, ex-cop converted into a detective.

Last appeal (in Justice) was an American television series which was broadcast in 2006 on the ABC channel. The series followed the story of a group of lawyers and investigators who worked for an organization called "the last appeal", whose mission was to release people condemned for crimes they had not committed .

The group was led by David Swain, a famous and powerful business lawyer, who had created "the last appeal" after losing faith in the justice of the American judicial system following a difficult personal experience. Swain was assisted by his right arm, Charlie Crews, a former police officer unjustly sentenced to life prison for a crime he had not committed. Crews had finally been innocent thanks to DNA evidence and had received substantial financial compensation.

The rest of the "last appeal" team was made up of Natalia Rivera, a former defense lawyer, Bobbi Bacha, an experienced private detective, and Mark Robinson, a talented and ambitious young lawyer. Together, they were investigating cases of murder convictions and worked to release people unjustly incarcerated.

Unfortunately, the series was not very successful and was only broadcast for a single season. However, she was greeted by criticism for her unique approach to justice and for her solid performance of the whole casting, in particular Kyle Maclachlan in the role of David Swain and Victor Garber in that of Charlie Crews.

The Actors

Kyle MacLachlan - David Swain

Kyle MacLachlan

(David Swain)

Marisol Nichols - Sonya Quintano

Marisol Nichols

(Sonya Quintano)

Jason O'mara - Charles Conti

Jason O'mara

(Charles Conti)

Daniel Cosgrove - Jon Lemonick

Daniel Cosgrove

(Jon Lemonick)


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