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L.A. Heat

L.A. Heat Dates : 1996 - 1997
48 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 16 Mars 1997
Creator(s) : Joseph Merhi et richard Pepin
Producer(s) : Joseph Merhi, Richard Pepin et George SHAMIEH
Music : Alex Wilkinson, Stephen Edwards, Louis Febre, John Gonzalez et John Sponsler
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August Brooks and Chase Mac Donald are two police officers who do all they can to make Los Angeles sure .... even if for that they explode everything. Chase, who has 7 years of profession, likes adrenaline and action. August, who has been a police officer for 16 years, is more reasoned. He tempers the desire for action of his young partner.

Los Angeles Heat was an American television series broadcast on the TNT channel in 1999. The series was based on a Los Angeles police unit and followed the adventures of two detectives, Tom Everett and Ty Wilson, who worked for the police department Los Angeles. Everett and Wilson were experienced partners and worked together to resolve dangerous and complex affairs in the streets of Los Angeles. The series featured William Baldwin and Jon Tenney in the main roles of Everett and Wilson, respectively.

Los Angeles Heat was created by Rick Husky and produced by Warner Bros. Television. The series was broadcast for a season of 22 episodes before being canceled in 1999 due to low audiences. Despite this, the series was greeted by criticism for its realistic approach to police affairs and for chemistry between the two main characters. Los Angeles Heat is often considered one of the best police series in the 1990s.

The Actors

Steven Williams - Det. August Brooks

Steven Williams

(Det. August Brooks)

Wolf Larson - Détective Chester

Wolf Larson

(Détective Chester "Chase" McDonald)

Kenneth Tigar - Capitaine Jensen

Kenneth Tigar

(Capitaine Jensen)


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Although Los Angeles Heat is an American series, she was only broadcast on her native land only two years after Europe! Turned from 1996 in California, the series - which did not have the support of a network - was not chosen for broadcasting in the United States. Finally, the production company PM Entertainment sold it in Europe where it made its debut in Germany on January 20, 1997, then in France two months later. The series is experiencing an important success, allowing itself to take 1st place against alert in Malibu in Germany during its 2nd season!

It was not until 1999 that an American channel acquired the diffusion rights. L.A. Heat arrives on the TNT cable channel on March 15 of the same year for daily broadcast.

During a waterfall during the filming of the episode "Turial holidays", Steven Williams injured in the basin. Barely glimpsed in the following episode, he returns to the one according to where he must walk using a cane!

August's wife, embodied by the lovely Renee Tenison, received the visit of her twin sister in the "double -edged" episode of the 1st season. It is logically the actress's twin sister, Rosie Tenison, who took on this role of guest-star.

To reduce costs, L.A. Heat producers drew from the large stock of action scenes from films released directly on video produced by PM Entertainment. By integrating them into the episodes, all you have to do is resume certain plans with the casting of the series!

Steven Williams is well known to fans of X-Files since he embodied the mysterious M. X in the series of Chris Carter, parallel to August in Los Angeles Heat. In the episode "Secret Defense", the writers had fun: when August laughs at Chase who believes in the paranormal, the latter retorts "I bet that you do not even look at X-Files".

It took little for Wolf Larson to interpret Chase McDonald. Indeed, he was still involved in another project when the filming of L.A. Heat was to begin. Luckily, the start of the shots has been postponed several times, which left the actor time to free himself to embody Chase.

The heroes of Los Angeles Heat - Wolf Larson and Steven Williams - made most of their waterfalls themselves. In addition to bringing maximum realism, this also made it possible to save stuntmen ...

After 2 seasons and 48 episodes, PM Entertainment stops the production of the series in 1998 for lack of means. Two years later, when L.A. Heat was broadcast in the United States, a renaissance project for a 3rd season is launched. Again, it is a financial problem that prevents him from succeeding ...

The episode "When the madness Rode ..." of the 1st season of Los Angeles Heat contains a nod to the Tarzan series in which Wolf Larson played the title role between 1991 and 1994. When Chase visits a suspect In prison, he welcomes him by pushing the cry of Tarzan, before telling him then "beautiful imitation of Tarzan, you do not find?". To which the ex -man of the jungle answers "I heard better" ...


Filming locations:

Beverly Hills, California, USA

Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

San Diego, California, USA

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