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L. A. Law

L. A. Law Dates : 1986 - 1994
170 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 23 Septembre 1987
Creator(s) : Steven Bochco et Terry Louise Fisher
Producer(s) : David E. Kelley et Steven Bochco
Music : Mike post
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McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak is one of the most famous law firms. It is aimed at everyone but its reputation attracts large sizes as customers. These lawyers are passionate about their profession that he certainly do not do for money.

The Los Angeles law (L. A. Law) is an American television series which was broadcast on NBC from 1986 to 1994. The series follows the lawyers for a law firm in Los Angeles while they manage complex cases and personal problems.

The law firm is led by the famous lawyer for Los Angeles, Stuart Markowitz, who is a brilliant but unforgiving lawyer. He is assisted by his associates, Arnie Becker, Ann Kelsey and Abby Perkins, as well as by lawyers Douglas Brackman Jr., Victor Sififentes and Michael Kuzak.

The law firm deals with many exciting and complex cases, from the defense of criminals to the management of difficult divorces. The series also highlights the personal lives of lawyers, which must sail in the troubled waters of love and professional life in Los Angeles.

Over the seasons, new characters join the law firm, bringing new perspectives and captivating stories. The series also explores social issues and complex legal problems that made headlines in the 1990s, such as AIDS, freedom of expression and homosexual rights.

In the end, the law of Los Angeles (L. A. Law) is a fascinating and entertaining series which offers a deep dive into the world of lawyers in Los Angeles and their struggles to maintain integrity and justice in an often chaotic world.

The Actors

Harry Hamlin - Michael Kuzak

Harry Hamlin

(Michael Kuzak)

Jimmy Smits - Victor Sifuentes

Jimmy Smits

(Victor Sifuentes)

Blair Underwood - Jonathan Rollins

Blair Underwood

(Jonathan Rollins)

Larry Drake - Benny Stulwicz

Larry Drake

(Benny Stulwicz)

Alan Rachins - Douglas Brackman Jr

Alan Rachins

(Douglas Brackman Jr)

Corbin Bernsen - Arnie Becker

Corbin Bernsen

(Arnie Becker)

Richard Dysart - Leland McKenzie

Richard Dysart

(Leland McKenzie)

Susan Ruttan - Roxanne Melman

Susan Ruttan

(Roxanne Melman)


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This series was created by Steven Bochco to whom it owes it in particular the invisible man and more recently NYPD Blue. It is produced by David E. Kelley that we no longer present and that we find here in one of his universes: the law firm. The series has 8 seasons and begins with a 90 min driver who was broadcast for the first time in 1986.


Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California, USA

United States Government District Court Building - 312 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, California, USA

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