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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Dates : 1999 - 0
224 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 6 Mars 2001
Creator(s) : Dick Wolf
Producer(s) : Dick Wolf, Ted Kotcheff
Music : Mike Post
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French Traduire


In the criminal justice system, sexually based crimes such as rape, torture, pedophilia and child-abuse are dealt with in New York City, by a special unit of the police department known as the Special Victims Unit. Its members include Detective Olivia Benson, herself the child of a rape, Detective Elliot Stabler, a family man trying to protect his family from the horrors of the world, Detective John Munch, a cynical ex-Baltimore homicide detective beginning a new life in New York, Detective Fin Tutuola, a streetwise cop from the Hood, and Captain Donald Cragen, their boss. The crimes they deal with are painful, emotional, disturbing, horrific and scarring - and every day there's more of the same... These are their stories.

The Actors

Chris Meloni - Elliot Stabler

Chris Meloni

(Elliot Stabler)

Mariska Hargitay - Olivia Benson

Mariska Hargitay

(Olivia Benson)

Dann Florek - Donald Cragen

Dann Florek

(Donald Cragen)

Richard Belzer - John Munch

Richard Belzer

(John Munch)

Ice-T - Odafin Tutuola


(Odafin Tutuola)

Diane Neal - Casey Novak

Diane Neal

(Casey Novak)

B.D. Wong - George Huang

B.D. Wong

(George Huang)

Stephanie March - Alexandra Cabot

Stephanie March

(Alexandra Cabot)

Dean Winters - Brian Cassidy

Dean Winters

(Brian Cassidy)


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