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Lottery Dates : 1983 - 1984
17 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 25 novembre 1984
Creator(s) : Rick Rosner
Producer(s) : Rick Rosner pour Orion Telepictures
Music : Chanson du générique "Turn On The Cards" de Alan Graham
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French Traduire


Patrick Sean Flaherty and Eric Rush are looking for the winners of the national lottery. The first, banker, is responsible for finding them and giving them the money. As for the second, official of the State, he must ensure that the State is not cheated in this happy transaction.

The American television series entitled Lottery (Lottery) was a dramatic series which was broadcast between 2014 and 2015. The series told the story of a group of people who embarked on a risky adventure to win the jackpot of a national lottery . Each episode of the series staged the characters in the process of plotting to win the jackpot, while facing obstacles and obstacles throughout their journey.

The jackpot of the national lottery, which was the central subject of the series, was of astronomical value, reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. This aroused the interest and lust of many characters, who were all ready to take risks to win the jackpot.

The series was very well received by critics and the public, thanks to its captivating scenario and its complex and endearing characters. Unfortunately, the series lasted only one season, and has not been renewed for a second season due to low audiences.

Despite this, lottery left a lasting heritage as an exciting and entertaining television series, which captured viewers from start to finish. If you missed the series when it was broadcast at the time, it is still possible to watch it online or find it on streaming platforms to enjoy it today.

The Actors

Ben Murphy - Patrick Sean Flaherty

Ben Murphy

(Patrick Sean Flaherty)


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