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Lou Grant

Lou Grant Dates : 1977 - 1982
114 episodes of 60 min
First broadcasting : 22 Juin 1985
Creator(s) : James L Brooks et Allan Burns
Producer(s) : James L Brooks et Allan Burns
Music : Lance Rubin et Patrick Williams
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Lou Grant arrives in Los Angeles to become the editor -in -chief of a newspaper like no other, the "Los Angeles Tribune" which finds often embarrassing information and does not hesitate to stir the mud. With this dynamic team full of strong heads, we find the daily life of journalists of all kinds and we learn to reflect on information and disinformation.

Lou Grant is an American television series broadcast between 1977 and 1982. The show follows the adventures of Lou Grant, a newspaper editor, as he leaves the city of Los Angeles to take a post as editor in a station local television in Minneapolis. At the start of the series, Lou must adapt to his new work and his new city, while sailing in the troubled waters of politics and interpersonal relations within the station.

Lou is a complex and interesting character, with a tormented past that pursues him. He is a gruff and direct man, but also someone deeply loyal and attentive to others. He has a strong sense of professional ethics and does not tolerate immoral behavior or dubious journalism practices.

Throughout the series, Lou is to face many challenges and conflicts within the station, notably with his boss, the director of the television station, and with his colleagues journalists. He is also faced with personal problems, especially in his relationship with his wife and children.

Despite the difficulties, Lou remains determined to do his job in the most ethical and professional way possible, which earned him respect for his colleagues and his superiors. The series was praised for his realistic and nuanced portrait of a journalist's professional life, and for his exploration of complex themes such as politics, interpersonal relationships and social problems.

The Actors

Edward Asner - Lou Grant

Edward Asner

(Lou Grant)


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During the primetime run of the show (1977-1982), Edward Asner became increasingly vocal on behalf of various liberal political causes. Although the series had slipped in ratings by 1982, many critics speculated that the actor's politics played a major role in the show's cancellation.

When the series aired on CBS on Monday nights, journalism classes would dismiss early, so that the faculty and students could watch the new episodes and discuss them in class.

Mrs. Pynchon, the widowed owner of the fictional Los Angeles Tribune, was based on Mrs. Graham, the real widowed owner of the Washington Post, and on Dolly Schiff.

The producers of the show wanted to air a final episode that dealt with the paper going out of business. They actually interviewed reporters from real newspapers that closed in order to prepare for this episode. The show was taken off the air before that episode could be filmed.

During the run of the show, the reporters switched from using typewriters to personal computers. The brand name was taped over on all of the computers.

A spinoff of the sitcom "Mary Tyler Moore" (1970), this is one of the only dramatic series in American TV history to originate from a comedy series.

One of the influences on the show was the film _All The President's Men (1976)_ . Actor Robert Walden appeared in both projects.

The Trib uncovered numerous scandals in the small city of Newton California. Newton is the name of an LAPD district, but there is no city of Newton California.

The show "Room 222" (1969) takes place at the fictional Walt Whitman High School. The old building at Los Angeles High School, which was used for the exterior of Walt Whitman High, collapsed in the 1971 earthquake. The new building on that spot was used as the exterior for Whitman High in this series.


Filming locations:

Republic Studios/CBS Studio Center - 4024 Radford Ave., Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA

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