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Malcolm in the middle

Malcolm in the middle Dates : 2000 - 2006
151 episodes of 22 min
First broadcasting : 24 decembre 2001
Creator(s) : Linwood boomer
Producer(s) : Maggie bandur
Music : Charles sydnor
Web surfers's rate : 9/10 for 3 rates - Rate

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Malcolm in the Middle follows a dysfunctional family in an anonymous location. The family is headed by super-stressed supermom Lois, and eccentric child-at-heart Hal. The eldest son, Francis, once a wild youth, now lives on a ranch with his wife, Piama. Next in line is dimwitted ne'r-do-well Reece. Second youngest emerging genius and evil mind in the making Dewey, and baby Jamie, already a troublemaker, is the youngest. Smack in the middle is Malcolm, a moody certified genius who seems to be the only hope his family has. Since his discovery at the age of eleven, Malcolm has been his own worst enemy - though he'll tell you that his family is his worst enemy.

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