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Matt Helm

Matt Helm Dates : 1975 - 1975
13 episodes of 48 min
First broadcasting : 21 août 1976
Creator(s) : Sam Rolfe
Producer(s) : Charles B. Fitzsimons, Ken Pettus
Music : Morton Stevens
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In accordance with the ABC network, and under the leadership given by Sam Rolfe from the TV movie who opens the series, the character of Matt Helm evolves in order to become a private detective. However, in order not to cut it from its origins, we recall, in the pilot, directed by Buzz Kulik, and broadcast on May 07, 1975, that Matt Helm is a former secret agent who worked for a secret organization called "the machine ", then that he turned to a new career as a private detective based in Los Angeles, a detective whose investigations relate to extremely sensitive cases sometimes forcing him to move abroad. What is more, the link between the past of Matt Helm and its new activities is maintained from the pilot during which Matt Helm finds himself faced with "former partners" including Colonel Shawcross interpreted by Patrick McNee.

Another major development of the adventures of Matt Helm, which is based on a recurring technique used by producers and writers in Hollywood, is to add two partners to the detective who reflect the two udders of the Public Force: Claire Kronski, a lawyer , and Sergeant Hanharan for the police. It is then exact to note that this scheme had to disappoint the pure and hard of Matt Helm by discovering a "formula show" too basic to their taste. Nevertheless, and as often in France, the reception reserved for the series is very different from the fate in the United States where it is canceled after only 13 episodes broadcast. It is true that "Matt Helm" had to face a rough competition. Yet put into orbit by the series "Section 4" which was broadcast from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on ABC on Saturday, "Matt Helm" ran at the time at the "Carol Burnet Show" offered in the same time box on CBS, and above all At the "Saturday Night at the Movies" programmed by NBC. The decision is then final and "Matt Helm" stopped suddenly in January 1976.

Matt Helm was an American television series broadcast in 1975 and 1976. The series was based on the novels of Donald Hamilton and followed the adventures of secret agent Matt Helm, an American secret agent who worked for the United Nations. Helm was a hard and ruthless character, capable of getting out of all situations thanks to his physical strength, his intelligence and his skills in combat. The series was a mixture of action, humor and romance, and was well received by viewers.


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