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Mr. Merlin

Mr. Merlin Dates : 1981 - 1982
22 episodes of 23 min
First broadcasting : 4 Février 1983
Creator(s) : Larry Rosen et Larry Tucker
Producer(s) : Larry Rosen et Larry Tucker
Music : Ken Harrison
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French Traduire


Zachary Rogers is a young 16 -year -old apprentice who finds a job in a garage in San Fransisco, the garage of Mr. Max Merlin. The young "ZAC" will quickly discover that under his air of a quiet old man, his boss is actually the enchanting Merlin, reincarnated today! The old magician is looking for a student under penalty of seeing his powers disappear and becoming fatal. Zac will then gradually learn the magic and the responsibilities that this entails with his master ...

But Zac turns out to be a rather turbulent student than magic, and the powers it gives, encourages to sink into ease and temptation. Zac rarely lacked an opportunity to go and have a formula in the famous owl room (named Luther) of his mentor in order to be able to have fun with his friend Léo. Fortunately, Merlin is still there to correct his stupid people and instill in him a certain number of moral lessons with each episode ...

Mr. Merlin (Mr. Merlin in original version) is an American television series which was broadcast between 1981 and 1982. The series was a fantastic comedy that followed the adventures of Merlin, a legendary magician, who finds himself transported in a San Francisco Moderne . In this new version of himself, Merlin must learn to use his magic in a world that does not believe in it and helping a teenager named Zachary to become a magician too.

The series was a family comedy that featured Sam Jaffe in the role of Merlin and Ivan Dixon in that of Zachary. The show was popular with children and adolescents of the time and was broadcast in syndication for many years after its original broadcast.

Despite its initial success, Mr. Merlin lasted only one season before being canceled. The reason for this cancellation is not clear, but some speculated that it could be due to the fact that the series was too expensive to produce or that it was not able to maintain itself at a sufficient level of popularity to justify its continuation.

In general, Mr. Merlin is considered an entertaining and fun series that has captivated viewers thanks to his endearing characters and his fantastic stories. Although the series has not lasted long, it remains a classic of television for fans of fantasy and comedy.

The Actors

Barnard Hughes - Max Merlin

Barnard Hughes

(Max Merlin)

Clark Brandon - Zachary Rogers

Clark Brandon

(Zachary Rogers)

Jonathan Prince - Léo Samuels

Jonathan Prince

(Léo Samuels)

Elaine Joyce - Alexandra

Elaine Joyce



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Mr. Merlin is one of those very friendly series which were broadcast in the early 1980s and who managed to mark viewers despite a short broadcast

If 22 episodes were shot, only 13 were broadcast in France


Filming locations:

Burbank, California, USA

San Francisco, California, USA

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