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Barnard Hughes

Max Merlin in Mr. Merlin

Photos Barnard Hughes Birth name: Barnard Aloysius Kiernan Hughes
Birth date: 1915/07/16
Date of death : 2006/07/11 (91 years old)
Birth place : Bedford Hills New-York

French Traduire

Biography for Barnard Hughes

Barnard Hughes began his acting career with the Shakespeare Fellowship Repertory company in New York City. Since then he has played more than 400 roles on the stage alone, including "Da" which he also filmed. Among his other roles are Polonius to Stacy Keach's "Hamlet", Dogberry in the New York Shakespeare Festival production of "Much Ado About Nothing" and off-Broadway performances in "Uncle Vanya" (directed by Mike Nichols), "A Doll's House", "Hogan's Goat", "The Three Sisters", "The Devil's Disciple" and "Translations".

On Broadway, he appeared in the hit play "Prelude to a Kiss" after completing a run of "You Can't Take It With You" at Dublin's Abbey Theatre. On screen, he created his first big impact in Midnight Cowboy (1969). Since then his films have included The Lost Boys (1987), First Monday in October (1981), Tron (1982) and The Hospital (1971). Among his television credits are the series "The Cavanaughs", "Mr. Merlin" and "Doc".

American actor born in 1915, Barnard Hughes appeared in an astronomical quantity of films, TV movies, series and plays. Specializing in the roles of judges or doctors, we saw it in series like "Lou Grant" or "Hawaii State police", and seen in the cinema in "Midnight Cowboy", "Tron" and "Sister Act 2 ".

Barnard Hughes was an American actor known for his roles in Broadway productions, as well as in movies and television series. Born June 16, 1915 in Bedford Hills, in New York State, Hughes grew up in New York and started his theatrical career in the 1940s. He won a Tony Award in 1978 for his role in the play "DA", and was also nominated for his performances in "The Hospital" and "The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial".

In addition to his career on Broadway, Hughes has also played in many films and television series, notably "Doc" (1971), "The Hospital" (1971), "The Lost Boys" (1987), "Porky's" (1981 ) and "Croque-Mitin" (1985). He also played in television productions such as "The Paper Chase" (1978-1986), "Law & Order" (1990-2010) and "Promised Land" (1996-1999).

Despite his long and fruitful career, Hughes was also known for his role as father in the romantic comedy "Punch-Drunk Love" (2002) with Adam Sandler. In this comedy, Hughes embodies Sandler's father, a strict and authoritarian man who does not understand the life choices of his son.

Hughes died on July 14, 2006 at the age of 91, leaving behind a rich and impressive acting career. He was buried in the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles, California.


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Title Role
The Fantasticks (2000) Henry Albertson
Cradle Will Rock (1999) Frank Marvel
The Odd Couple II (1998) Beaumont
Past the Bleachers (1995) (TV) Ed Godfrey
Trick of the Eye (1994) (TV) Harry Pitt
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993) Father Maurice
Miracle Child (1993) (TV) Judge
The Emperor's New Clothes (1993) Treasurer
Blossom (1991) TV Series Buzz Richman (1991-1995)
Doc Hollywood (1991) Dr. Aurelius Hogue
Blossom (1990) (TV) Grandpa
The Incident (1990) (TV) Doc Hansen
Guts and Glory: The Rise and Fall of Oliver North (1989) (TV) CIA Director William Casey
Day One (1989) (TV) Secretary Stimpson
Home Fires Burning (1989) (TV) Jake Tibbetts
Da (1988) Da
A Hobo's Christmas (1987) (TV)
The Lost Boys (1987) Grandpa
Night of Courage (1987) (TV)
Where Are the Children? (1986) Jonathan Knowles
The Cavanaughs (1986) TV Series Francis 'Pop' Cavanaugh
Under the Biltmore Clock (1986) (TV) Ludlow Whitney
Maxie (1985) Bishop Campbell
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1985) (TV) The King
The Sky's No Limit (1984) (TV) Arthur Bennett
A Caribbean Mystery (1983) (TV) Mr. Rafiel
Best Friends (1982) Tim McCullen
Little Gloria... Happy at Last (1982) (TV) Justice John Francis Carew
Tron (1982) Dr. Walter Gibbs/Dumont
A Conflict of Interest (1982) (TV)
Mr. Merlin (1981) TV Series Max Merlin
First Monday in October (1981) Chief Justice Crawford
Homeward Bound (1980) (TV) Harry Seaton
Sanctuary of Fear (1979) (TV) Father Brown
See How She Runs (1978) (TV) John Matusak, Betty's Father
The World Beyond (1978) (TV) (as Barney Hughes) Andy Borchard
Tell Me My Name (1977) (TV) Uncle Tyler
Oh, God! (1977) Judge Baker
Kill Me If You Can (1977) (TV) Judge Fricke
Ransom for Alice! (1977) (TV) Jess Halliday
Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case (1975) (TV) Attorney Philip J. Madden
The UFO Incident (1975) (TV) Dr. Benjamin Simon
Doc (1975) TV Series Joe Bogert (segment Doc)
The Two Lives of Sean Doolittle (1975) (TV)
A Memory of Two Mondays (1974) (TV) Jim
Another April (1974) (TV) Marion Weston
The Borrowers (1973) (TV) Mr. Crampfurl
The Holiday Treasure (1973) (TV)
Pueblo (1973) (TV) Secretary of the Navy
Sisters (1973) Arthur McLennen
Much Ado About Nothing (1973/I) (TV) Dogberry
Rage (1972) Dr. Spencer (Public Health Service)
Look Homeward, Angel (1972) (TV) Dr. McGuire
Deadhead Miles (1972) Old Man
The Hospital (1971) Edmund Drummond
All the Way Home (1971) (TV) Joel Lynch
The Pursuit of Happiness (1971) Judge Vogel
Cold Turkey (1971) Dr. Proctor
Dr. Cook's Garden (1971) (TV) Elias Hart
Where's Poppa? (1970) Colonel Hendricks
As the World Turns (1956) TV Series Mr. Barton (1969-1970)
Midnight Cowboy (1969) Towny
The Secret Storm (1954) TV Series Wilfred Hollister #1 (1968-1969)
The Borgia Stick (1967) (TV) Doctor Helm
Dark Shadows (1966) TV Series Stuart Bronson (1966)
Hamlet (1964/I) Marcellus/Priest
The Guiding Light (1952) TV Series Dr. Bruce Banning #2 (1961-1966)
The Young Doctors (1961) Dr. Kent O'Donnell
The Million Dollar Incident (1961) (TV) Wallace


Tony 1978 for "Da".

Won Broadway's 1978 Tony Award as Best Actor (Play) for Hugh Leonard's "Da," a role he recreated in the film vrsion of the same name, Da (1988). He also received a Tony nomination in 1974 as Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Dramatic) for Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing."


Spouse : Helen Stenborg (19 April 1950 - present) 2 children

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