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My Two Dads

My Two Dads Dates : 1987 - 1990
60 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 08 Avril 1990
Creator(s) : Danielle Alexandra et Michael Jacobs
Producer(s) : Michael Jacobs
Music : Ray Colcord, Greg Evigan, Michael Jacobs et Lenny Macaluso
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Michael Taylor is a fairly stuck financial framework while Joey Harris is an artist on the contrary very liberated. The two men fought for the love of the same woman 13 years ago and have not seen themselves since. But it is one day they learn that Marcy Bradford, their ex -girlfriend, died and that she left them custody of her very playful daughter, Nicole, who is 12 years old. One of them is his father but no one knows exactly which one! Putting aside their lifestyle differences, all move in Joey's apartment. Together, the two men try to bring a parental balance for Nicole.

My two dads was an American television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1987 and which lasted until 1990. The series followed the adventures of Michael Taylor, a teenager whose biological parents died in a car accident when He was 12 years old. Following their death, a judge entrusted Michael to two of his close friends, Joey and Larry. Joey and Larry, who had been together for years, had to learn to cohabit and raise Michael together, despite their differences.

The series was a family comedy and staged the sometimes tense relationships between the characters and the problems they faced. She also tackled subjects such as homosexuality, adoption and the blended family. My two dads was one of the first television series to show two men living together as a couple, and she was greeted for her progressive and open -minded approach to questions of gender and sexuality.

The cast of my two dads was made up of Paul Reiser in the role of Joey, Greg Evigan in the role of Larry and Staci Keanan in the role of Michael. The series was created by Richard Rosenstock and is produced by Michael Jacobs Productions and CBS Productions. It was broadcast on NBC for three seasons, before being canceled in 1990. My two dads received numerous positive criticisms from criticism and won several awards, including a Glaad Media Award in 1988 for its positive representation of LGBTQ+characters.

The Actors

Paul Reiser - Michael Taylor

Paul Reiser

(Michael Taylor)

Staci Keanan - Nicole Bradford

Staci Keanan

(Nicole Bradford)

Greg Evigan - Joey Harris

Greg Evigan

(Joey Harris)

Giovanni Ribisi - Cory Kupkus

Giovanni Ribisi

(Cory Kupkus)


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Broadcast from September 1987 to June 1990 on NBC, the series was an honest success in the United States. Arriving with us in the early 90s, it went more or less unnoticed, drowned in the middle of other successful sitcoms.

All the actors having turned in this series continued to know the success after the one. Paul Reiser became, a few years later, the hero of the famous Dingue Sitcom of you (with Helen Hunt). Staci Keanan experienced celebrity for her role as Dana in our beautiful family. Finally, Greg Evigan played in the investigation series at Palm Springs (alongside Connie Selleca).


Filming locations:

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