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Starman Dates : 1986 - 1987
22 episodes of 46 min
First broadcasting : 1988
Creator(s) : Bruce A. Evans et Raynold Gideon
Producer(s) : James G. Hirsch
Music : Dana Kaproff
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In this series, the alien returns to find and assist the child he fathered fourteen years before on his visit to Earth. When he arrives, he takes on the identity of Paul Forrester, a prize-winning free-lance photographer with a rather wild reputation killed in a helicopter accident. He finds the child (Scott Hayden) and his mother (Jenny) have been separated. Paul convinces Scott to help him to locate Jenny, his friend from his first visit to Earth. Unfortunately, their search is plagued by George Fox, a paranoid government agent who feels Paul and Scott are dangerous and wants to capture, examine, and probably kill them.

The Actors

Robert Hays - Paul Forrester

Robert Hays

(Paul Forrester)


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